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May 22, 2018

Mik Aoki

Scott Tully

Durham, North Carolina

Miami - 6, Notre Dame - 2

MIK AOKI: Obviously a difficult loss to sort of let that thing slip away from us late. I thought Scott pitched great, and I mean, it was pretty good ballgame through, what, seven and a half innings, I guess, and then kind of things went a little bit south on us.

It is what it is. I'm proud of our group, and in particular proud of Scott.

Q. Scott, obviously you were able to keep them at bay there for the entire time you were in there, six innings. What was your approach against them, and what was -- what in particular was working for you?
SCOTT TULLY: Yeah, I think it was kind of -- the key to success against them was kind of mixing speeds. For me, they went with all right-handed lineup, which for me -- traditionally as a lefty that's tough. I think I rely on my changeup enough that for me it's kind of -- I would almost prefer to face right-handed hitters a lot of the time, but I don't know that it was necessarily always successful. I think they did a really, really good job of kind of battling. It was really, really tough to put them away. With two strikes, they were pretty disciplined at the plate, especially once they realized the pitches that were just off of the plate away were not going to be called strikes, they certainly were not going to swing at them. I think that in doing that, they kind of drove up the pitch count and kind of made my life a lot more difficult.

Q. You pitched a lot of games for this program and a lot of big games for this program, and I imagine this is going to be the last one. Has that hit you yet, and how do you process that?
SCOTT TULLY: Yeah, I mean, it has. I think I'm kind of -- I was lucky to kind of get the fifth here and have a chance to do this little victory lap and enjoy it all one more time, and I think it was five really, really enjoyable years. I think there were plenty of tough losses like this, and there were plenty of fun wins. But I think like what I'll take from it the most was just kind of the constant battle, kind of getting to go out there with my teammates over the course of those five years, and I think we had fun with it the entire time.

Q. Coach, obviously you came into this week with a chance to make a run. You're four outs away, I guess, from getting that thing started off on the right foot. What was your message to your team when this thing was over?
MIK AOKI: I actually haven't talked to them about it yet. I wanted to let a little of the dust settle, I think. I have a tendency to probably say stupid things when the emotions are high, and so probably best to just let the bus ride back to the hotel and then we'll talk to them, and we'll strap it up one more time against a great Clemson club tomorrow and sort of head on back.

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