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May 22, 2018

Marc Dull

Chip Brooke

Tequesta, Florida

Q. You look pretty tired.
MARC DULL: Yeah, it was a long day today. 40 holes today.

Q. I heard there was a point on 18 --
MARC DULL: Yeah, they had two putts on 18 to win the match, probably two 12-footers.

CHIP BROOKE: Two 12-footers.

MARC DULL: They both missed them, and they had probably a nine- or ten-footer on 1 to win the hole, as well, first playoff hole.

Q. Wow, you guys were dodging bullets as well as raindrops this week.
MARC DULL: Yeah, I played terrible. Chipper played great today. I played terrible and left him on an island way too many times today.

Q. Who made the putt on the last hole?
MARC DULL: I did. I made birdie.

Q. How long was the putt?
MARC DULL: 10 feet, eight feet? About eight feet or so.

Q. Well, you're back in the semifinals again.
MARC DULL: I know, right? I can't believe it.

Q. So you guys have earned a trip to Bandon Dunes next year.
CHIP BROOKE: We already had that one because now we -- we got a two-year exemption last year.

Q. You get one year.
CHIP BROOKE: You get two years for the semis.

Q. No, you get one?
CHIP BROOKE: You get two. They told us we get two.

MARC DULL: You get two, trust me, you get two.

Q. I think it's only one.
CHIP BROOKE: I promise you get two.

MARC DULL: The quarterfinals is one.

Q. There's no quarterfinals in the Four-Ball.
CHIP BROOKE: I'll bet you a beer you get two.

Q. I don't think you get two, I'm telling you. I'll bet you it's one because they don't -- because it's only a 32-player draw.
CHIP BROOKE: I'll bet you a beer they get two.

Q. I'll ask Billy, but --
MARC DULL: Anyway, it doesn't matter.

Q. Obviously you're going to Bandon Dunes next year, and you're familiar with that place.
MARC DULL: Yeah, super excited. He texted me months ago when they changed it from Chambers to Bandon. He's like, they're going to play the golf tournament at Bandon. That's amazing.

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