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May 22, 2018

Danny Hall

Xzavion Curry

Durham, North Carolina

Pitt - 2, Georgia Tech - 1

DANNY HALL: It was definitely a tough loss, tough way to start this tournament, but you tip your cap to -- I'll say his name wrong, too, Pidich or Pidich or I don't know how you pronounce it, but he pitched good against us early in the year at Pittsburgh and did it again today. We didn't have many answers for him. You know, when our top three hitters who also are maybe three of the top hitters in the league go 0-for, it's going to be hard for us to score runs. He definitely was better than we were today. I thought that Xza threw real well. You make a start and give somebody two runs through seven innings, we're going to win that game most of the time, but we didn't because they were very good pitching it on the other side.

Q. Danny, I guess you couldn't ask much more from Xza than what you got today, but you knew you wanted to go with him from the get-go and he proved you right?
DANNY HALL: Yeah, no, like I said, he gave up two runs. I'm not sure he got out of that seventh. I think he kind of did. But most games if we give up two runs in a start, we're going to have a really, really good chance to win that game. But that's kind of how good the guys on the other side were. The other guy, Freure, also pitched in the same game that Pidich pitched in at Pittsburgh, and that was a 13-inning game, so we saw him. You saw his stuff. He has as good a stuff as anybody in our league, 95 with a hammer.

You know, you kind of felt runs would be hard to come by. Unfortunately it came down that they got a hit with some guys in scoring position when they needed to, and Colin was very close to catching that fly ball, just didn't quite get enough glove on it, or we still might be playing or we'd be in a lightning delay right now.

Q. Going into the seventh inning you had only given up one hit. How did you feel going into that inning?
XZAVION CURRY: Going into that inning I felt kind of the same as I felt the whole game, just going in there, competing and keep pounding strikes, not trying to give guys free bases, which I made a mistake and hit a guy, but just the same mentality for every inning, just going in there and pounding the strike zone.

Q. What was working for you today?
XZAVION CURRY: Today my slider was working. I clicked with that pitch like in the second inning, and we kept calling it. They kept swinging it, kept falling for strikes. That's what was really working for me today.

Q. Did you get maybe a better rhythm than you did last start or the start before?
XZAVION CURRY: Yeah, I was most definitely in a better rhythm. It was just catching it, Joey put it down the sign and I'm just throwing it. A rhythm I kind of want to be in every start.

Q. Danny, when Nick gets the hit to left field, I guess you had to feel pretty good with the top of the order coming up, and Bailey hit the ball pretty hard but right at him, so that's just the way the game went today, I guess?
DANNY HALL: No doubt. I thought he had a good swing. It was a breaking ball, and he tried to stay in there and go the other way but hit it right at Sabino. Tristan English I think with a guy on second lined out to Sabino. So those were a couple kind of in my opinion big at-bats and big pitches that went their way, not our way, and so that's baseball. That's the beauty of it.

Q. What's the approach for Friday, just come and you've got to get a win and then cross your fingers and see what happens?
DANNY HALL: Yeah, that's all we can do. Obviously playing a really, really good team. We've got a really good pitcher going. I'm sure they'll have a good pitcher going, as well, and that's all we can do is just come in here and try to play as good as we can against North Carolina.

Q. You have two days off now; how do you deal with that?
DANNY HALL: We'll work out. I mean, we won't go hard, but we'll work out the next two days, just probably have some guys throw some bullpens tomorrow and try to get our hitters back on track a little bit and then see -- get ready to go Friday.

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