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May 18, 2018

Savannah Heebner

Arielle James

Kristin Vesely

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Houston - 1, UL Lafayette - 0

COACH KRISTIN VESELY: You know what, we want to start with saying our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the SantaFe area, the tragedy today. We want to say you guys are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish luck, love, to deal with a tough situation.

Q. Arielle, tell us about the home run. Obviously Summer has had a great year and that was a huge hit.
ARIELLE JAMES: I was really excited. When I went in, I was looking for a base hit and ended up getting a home run. I was really excited. It was my first hit in the tournament and my first hit in the regionals. I was just really excited.

Q. Felt like a pitchers' duel, is the kind of game you were expecting and looking for to, have it on your shoulders?
SAVANNAH HEEBNER: I wasn't expecting to have it all on my shoulders. I knew my team was going to be behind my back and my defense was definitely there tonight, and offense came through, had a lot of hits and Arielle all started us off really well with her home run and got the rest of the team involved and excited to play. They just played their hearts out tonight. They left it all on the field.

Q. Talk about Savannah's performance today, pretty efficient performance, two hits, only three walks, two strikeouts.
COACH KRISTIN VESELY: She was very effective in the circle. I thought that she could actually throw better and we're looking forward to her and potentially the rest of our staff stepping up tomorrow facing another quality opponent and trying to come out with a W.

Q. Quick turnaround tomorrow. Just talk about the game plan and rest of the weekend.
COACH KRISTIN VESELY: Our goal as a staff was to get to regionals. Now that we are here, our objective is to stay in the winner's bracket. So that's something, we're going to stay and watch this game, kind of make sure both opponents look like they look on film, we'll do notes and have a game plan for tomorrow.

Q. Long delay today, starting the game and having to wait so long. How did you handle that so well?
COACH KRISTIN VESELY: We've been in quite a few rain delays this year to be honest, and I thought the girls handled it with maturity. They showed some of their experience and our age, and it's something you cannot prepare for, but I thought the girls handled it very well.

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