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May 20, 2018

James Harden

Chris Paul

Oakland, California: Game Three

Warriors - 126, Rockets - 85

Q. For both of you guys, [Mike] D'Antoni described this performance as a team as soft was the word that he used. What is your reaction to that, and how does that happen in a game of this magnitude?
JAMES HARDEN: He's right. We weren't as aggressive as we needed to be. We started off the game pretty solid, and then we let them gain some confidence to end the first quarter. You know, but just defensively they didn't feel us and it showed tonight.

Q. How do you try and wrap your head around the disparity between Game 2 when you guys brought it, you got into people so aggressive, played so well. Then Game 3, as a team you know how important it is, and you get blown out by 41 and they go up 2-1?
JAMES HARDEN: Like I said, we just for whatever the reason was, we allowed them, especially like I said at the end of the first quarter, what did they have, 31 points, and the second half we came on too slow, too soft. Offensively we didn't have any thrust, and they exploited it. I think [Steph] Curry had 27 points in that second half, and we did a pretty good job in the first half. But, you know, you just can't allow it to happen.

Q. Your take on the fact that Mike said y'all came out and played soft, and like James said, you all lost some thrust? Your take on the situation?
CHRIS PAUL: Yeah, it's 22-22 right there in the first, and then it went to 31-22. Coach is right. We've got to be better. I think, you know, we've got to come out more aggressive. We were letting them hit first, you know what I mean? They were running their screens and all that stuff like that. I mean, we know that we're at our best when we're in transition and not taking the ball out the net. And tonight we were taking the ball out the net. We had 19 turnovers. That's uncharacteristic of us. We knew we were going to get a great game from them being back here at home, but we've got to be better Game 4.

Q. James made a bucket to cut it to 13. Made a little run in the third quarter, and then it got out of hand. What happened at that point, do you think?
CHRIS PAUL: Probably what you said, you know what I mean? Yeah, we know they get stops and they start making a flurry of threes. Both teams have the capability of doing that, and they did it tonight. Like we said after Game 1, they did what they did, what they do, harder and better than us and we've got to come out and be better Game 4.

Q. For 10 quarters in this series Steph Curry was 3-for-20 from three-point range. What changed for him and you guys defending him in the second half?
JAMES HARDEN: He made shots.

CHRIS PAUL: We don't usually keep track of quarters, you know what I mean like how people doing. We just try to make them make tough plays. He got loose. Got some layups, got to the free throw line, and the baskets started opening up for him. When they get it going like that, transition, boom, offensive rebounds, you get a little bit of everything. So that was that.

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