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May 20, 2018

Draymond Green

Oakland, California: Game Three

Warriors - 126, Rockets - 85

Q. How much were you guys able to get out in transition the way you wanted to based on how you were able to play defense and get stops? Also just seeing Steph get in a groove in the second half, what did that mean to you guys?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I mean, the transition definitely was a direct affect from our defense. We got stops, getting the ball off the rim and able to push the ball is much different than trying to take the ball out every play. You look at Game 2, we were taking the ball out a lot and we got nothing in transition.

So we understand that when we're getting stops, that's when we're at our best. You're coming down here playing against a set defense every time, it's tough. The way to combat that is to get stops on the defensive end, and we did that tonight.

Steph definitely got it going. I think it was very important for him to get to the basket. Once he got to the basket, all of a sudden the threes opened up and they started to fall. But he got to the basket first. They've been kind of pressuring him, trying to force him to drive the entire series. He took those lanes tonight, and they opened the floor for him.

Q. After a tough Game 2, what did it mean to you to not only come out and win the game but do so in a dominant fashion? How encouraging was that?
DRAYMOND GREEN: At the end of the day it's one win, it doesn't matter if you win by 40 or if you win by one. But to respond that way, you know, it means a lot. It's kind of what we've grown to expect. When we get beat up pretty good, we kind of had that appropriate fear, as we always speak of and we played a little better. That was important tonight. I think we felt a little threat and we came out and showed that. Now it's important going into Game 4 that we approach with the same mentality. It's not the mentality that we're up 2-1. We've got to go in almost feeling like we're down 2-1. We were able to get one in Houston, so now the way to protect that is come out in Game 4 guns blazing, trying to take care of business.

Q. From the middle of the first quarter on, it looked like you guys turned it up tighter and tighter on defense. I don't know what you guys did the last three days, but it looked like there was a lot of study and preparation going into this. Based on what we saw, how much of this was effort, how much was scouting tendencies, all of those things? How did you manage to lock them down the way you did?
DRAYMOND GREEN: We have a great coaching staff that always puts us in a position to be successful, the best position they can. Then it boils down to manning up and guarding your man. You get on the iso with James Harden, you have to man up and guard him. Chris Paul, you've got to man up and guard him. Also try to take everybody else away. You know, Game 2 I think [Trevor] Ariza had 19, PJ Tucker had 22, Eric Gordon had 27. You're not going to win like that. So just understanding that they're a very good team, a great offense, they're going to score, but you've got to make those buckets tough. There was no resistance in Game 2. We showed some resistance tonight, and that led to the offense that we were able to produce out there on the floor.

Q. You've seen it throughout your career, Steph in this building, what is it about the relationship he has with fans where it seems like they want him to score so badly, and what's it like to be on the court when that kind of explosion happens?
DRAYMOND GREEN: You know, I've seen those explosions happen here and everywhere.

It's not just here. Nonetheless, definitely get a lot of support from the fans. His three is similar to some people's dunk. You go to certain arenas and a guy gets a dunk and it's just absurd. That's how his three ball is. But definitely a lot of support. The fans were great tonight.

I think he had a great quarter there in that third quarter. I don't mean to disappoint, but I've seen crazier from him, but it was good to see.

Q. Sixteen straight at home now. Is that a streak that you guys are aware of? Is that something that you guys think about before the game? Not just for Steph, but the entire team, what are you able to do in this building that might be harder elsewhere?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Honestly, that's the first time I've heard that, so it's not something that we talk about. Because each game takes on a life of its own. You can't go into a game like, yeah, man, we won 16 straight or 15, whatever it was, we're good. No, you've got to come out with a great focus level, with a great intensity level. Then your crowd's allowed to get in there and they can help you. I think our crowd did a great job of that. But it's not something that we really speak of. Each game you've got to approach it a little differently.

What was your second question?

Q. What can you guys accomplish in this building that might be harder elsewhere?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think we've been pretty good everywhere we've played. Nonetheless, everything's always better at home. Your fans get into it, still nothing better than quieting an opposing crowd. But everything's a little better at home, for sure.

Q. When you watch Steph who is sort of the focus of all of the coverage all week about his shots broke, he can't hit a three, is he healthy? Then he comes out and does to James Harden and Chris Paul what they were doing to him the last two games just abusing him. What do you say about his mental and physical toughness?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Very mentally tough, I think that's what makes him more than anything. Physical toughness is definitely underrated. He's one of the most competitive people I've ever been around. But his mental toughness, you know, you can't be that great of a scorer, great of a shooter without mental toughness, because you're always going to face obstacles when it comes to shooting. He's always the next shot mentality. That was big tonight. I think he started off 1-for-6 or 1-for-7 from three, and he was able to get it going.

Kudos to him. That's something that's kind of been the key to his career, his mental toughness. He didn't come in with everyone saying Steph Curry would be who he is today. Everybody questioned who he would be. That's one of his strengths for sure.

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