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May 20, 2018

Aaron Wise

Irving, Texas

Q. Aaron Wise, could you have imagined playing a more consistent perfect round of golf to get your first win on the PGA TOUR as you did here Sunday?
AARON WISE: No. You know, I hit the ball incredible all week along and it got better as the week went long which was fun for me to see. It continued today. I absolutely striped it. Hit it incredible.

I had a talk with my putter there on 3 a little bit about it because I missed a couple chances early. "You need to cooperate for me." It got red hot in the middle of that round and kind of shot me off to a huge lead.

I knew coming down the stretch Marc was going to get some chances because he was hitting the ball great as well and luckily the ball kind of bounced my way. I was able to par in and get the victory.

Q. How about the four birdies in a row starting with No. 7 right in the middle of the round for you?
AARON WISE: That was about the time when the putter was getting hot. Right before that actually on 6 was the key turning point for me.

I missed the ridge to the right which is a mistake and yesterday I missed the ridge to the left and I three-putted, and today I was able to knock in about a 7-footer for par which kept the momentum going and allowed that stretch to happen.

Great up and down on 7. Knocked in it there stiff on 8 and then made two really nice putts on 9 and 10. It was huge.

Q. You've had a few minutes to shake some hands, give out some hugs. How does this one feel and how were you able to control the emotions all day long?
AARON WISE: It feels amazing, you know. It's incredible. It's everything I've dreamed of. I have to thank everyone on my team, Callaway, Nike. I felt like when it rained today I was really going to tear the course up just because it allowed me to hit driver, which is my strength, and, you know, I got that Rogue driver and absolutely love it. I'm smashing it. I really -- I took it apart with the driver today. I got a lot of short irons in my hand and was able to make a lot birdies.

Q. Congrats on No. 1. Hope it's for many more.
AARON WISE: Thank you. I appreciate it.

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