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August 21, 2003

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Good start?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It was all right. Two bogeys and lucky to make them to be honest, they were meant to be doubles but it was good to grab a bogey out of both of them. The first round is important in these events, important to get off to a decent sort of start and that is a decent start. I didn't play badly last week to be honest, I just missed the fairways by a yard and of course I was stuffed. I didn't play that badly and got heavily penalised for it, this week is slightly fairer. I've done reasonable in this event in the past and I am looking forward to coming back tomorrow and building on that.

Q. Pace of play today would suit you as well?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Oh yes it made a big difference, playing with Rich Beem as well, that was great. Harrington is loitering somewhere around 17 I think, while we've been in, had a drink, signed our cards and talked to you!

Q. There have been some complaints about the bunkers, what is your take on them?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I was in a few bunkers, on the 15th and the 17th but I thought they were okay. He (Poulter) must have got unlucky because they are not all the same, they can't be all the same. But I must admit they are better here than they are at home. At home you get nothing, or two feet. They are more consistent here. It is just rather hot though.

Q. Do you feel like starting a campaign to have two balls on the first two days?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I would love that. I would have a campaign to have only 80 players every week - as long as I'm in the top 80! As long as I'm playing!

Q. Do you think there should still be a cut here?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: There could be a cut here, almost after three days, from 80 to 60. I am sure the bottom 20 don't want really to be here. The prizemoney at that stage is about a thousand dollars so that doesn't mean a lot, so there could be a cut from 80 to 60 on the last day and that would actually mean we could finish earlier because it is actually quite a late finish to get us all home.

Q. When you play at the pace you do, is it a psychological benefit coming to an event like this knowing you are going to be playing in twos?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think so. I think it hurts the slower players, not to mention names, but they have to think about speeding up. I don't. I slow down for normal events and I am playing a regular pace here. It was good today with Rich because he stands up and hits the thing. I like that. Hopefully tomorrow's partner, whoever he is, will do the same thing.

Q. It won't be Harrington?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No? I don't think his mind is on it though. His mind is on babies and wife. I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the 80 to 60 who would rather have a cut here because his mind is not on it and you can't compete with this lot if your mind is not on it. You have no chance, you have to be right there.

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