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May 20, 2018

Jaylen Brown

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. Do games like that serve as a reminder of the little things that you consistently have to do, home or away, to be successful?
JAYLEN BROWN: I definitely think it was a reminder for us because when we watched it, I think we were frustrated with ourselves more than anything. But we go back tomorrow, I think we have a lot of hindsight thinking that we can come in and dominate this thing, we've just got to come out and play the way we're supposed to and put our signature on it.

Q. When you guys get disconnected defensively, what happens?
JAYLEN BROWN: When we get disconnected defensively, what happens? They score or they go on runs, stuff like that.

Q. But your coverages break down. Is it communication?
JAYLEN BROWN: It could be communication, it could be -- just for whatever reason, we just didn't do what we were supposed to do. It happens. We're not the only team in the world that it happens to. Come out in the next game, shake it off, and do what we've got to do.

Q. We're not used to seeing you guys give up lay-ups uncontested. How surprising was that for you to see that happening?
JAYLEN BROWN: It was surprising for sure. You know, but we can't look in the past and dwell on the [stuff] we did last night, like we still believe we can win this series. We still believe we can win tomorrow, and every time we think about all the mistakes, it just takes away from our mindset. We lost yesterday. We come out tomorrow with the right mindset, with the right attitude, forget about what we did yesterday, play a whole new game, we'll be alright.

Q. How much do you use that as fuel, though, the tough one last night?
JAYLEN BROWN: Yeah, I mean, you can use it as fuel. I use it as fuel because I thought it was embarrassing. I thought we came out, the way I played, the way I performed, how not aggressive I was in the first half, I look at that as fuel to come out in Game 3 and be excited about it and be ready to play and ready to fight. But as a mindset, the game is 90 percent mental, so everything that we do affects our mindset. We can't look at the last game and get down on ourselves or think we're out of the series because we lost one game. That's what the world thinks, that's what the world wants us to think, so we're going to come out and play some basketball tomorrow, regardless of what anybody got to say.

Q. I take it you're happy there's no long layoff this time and you can get right back at it?
JAYLEN BROWN: I'm ready, yeah. Like we play -- it should be fun. We should come out and we should be more connected, we should be more excited, and we think we can hang with the best of anybody. It's all about mindset.

Q. You guys have been through a lot. It seems like you're like, let's keep going as a team and show them what we've got here?
JAYLEN BROWN: Like I said, it's all about the mindset. We can't have a defeated mindset. People think because they won one game, they won the series. It's the first of four, so we're going to come out and play our best basketball.

Q. How much has it helped you guys to put what happened last night behind you, having been through a lot of the ups and downs that you as a group have been through this season?
JAYLEN BROWN: I think that was an emphasis of Brad [Stevens]. I think he came out and once we watched the film, like we could see the mistakes we made, and he made it apparent that we beat ourselves first and foremost. Give credit to Cleveland. Cleveland did a fantastic job, but we've got to come out and play better. We just didn't play well. We can give credit to them or to whoever, we've just got to play better.

Q. Ty mentioned last night that he's very aware of trying to keep the ball out of your hands because of your fast starts in particular. What kind of things can you do to combat that and kind of find openings?
JAYLEN BROWN: Just continue to be aggressive, continue to do what I do. Just continue to play basketball and be aggressive. They changed some coverages and I wasn't as aggressive as I should have been, and that's on me. I talked to Brad about it, and he says, yeah, just keep doing what you're doing and everything will be fine. But as far as tomorrow, like I said, it's all about mindset. We've got to come out with a better mindset. We can't think that the series is over, that it's defeated. It's actually just getting started.

Q. Can you describe the mindset that you need, like what you're talking about?
JAYLEN BROWN: The same mindset that we had the first two games, the same mindset we had against Philly. If not that, even better. Just come out with a mindset that we can win on the road, that we're going to be the tougher team, we're not going to complain. The officiating doesn't matter, we're just going to come out and just hoop.

Q. You guys were such a good road team during the season. What's different during the postseason?
JAYLEN BROWN: It's a lot different. Just the atmosphere and the environment, teams play better at home than they do on the road, and we understand that. We've just got to come out and just have a mentality that's just undeniable. We've just got to do what we've got to do. Stay connected. It's hard to be connected when everything is so loud and you can't hear your teammates and what's going on. We should be far more equipped for it tomorrow and see what happens.

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