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May 20, 2018

Jayson Tatum

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. What did you see last night as opposed to what happened in Game 3?
JAYSON TATUM: Obviously they played well. We messed up on defense, communication-wise.

Q. What adjustments are you looking to make on the defensive side of the ball heading into Game 4?
JAYSON TATUM: We've just got to be more together on the road. It's going to be loud, but we've still got to listen to the call and just be out there on the same page.

Q. Is there a difference between the road game last night versus the Milwaukee and Philadelphia series on the road?
JAYSON TATUM: It's just tough playing on the road. Teams are more comfortable. They've got their crowd behind them. They're used to playing in this gym. It's just tough going on the road and winning games.

Q. Were they doing anything different to get George Hill going in the first quarter. The first two games of the series he really wasn't much of a factor, but he was pretty assertive from the jump last night.
JAYSON TATUM: Yeah, they had a really good game plan. And maybe he just felt more comfortable at home.

Q. What did you learn from those losses in Milwaukee and Philadelphia that can carry over into this one?
JAYSON TATUM: That it's tough, and every possession matters. Last night was a blowout, but especially in close games on the road, you've almost got to be perfect to win.

Q. Is it harder to have a loss like that or a one-point loss in your mind?
JAYSON TATUM: I mean, you lose, you lose. It's tough either way.

Q. Are you itching to get back out there?

Q. How confident are you guys you're going to bounce back next game?
JAYSON TATUM: We're very confident. We knew it wasn't going to be easy. We had good practice today, and we've got to come out more prepared and better.

Q. You have that look in your eye. Is it tough to -- you're young, but to take those losses and not have it simmer for a while?
JAYSON TATUM: No. Everybody loses games. The NBA is such a quick turnaround that you really can't be down, especially in the playoffs.

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