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May 19, 2018

Al Horford

Cleveland, Ohio: Game Three

Cavaliers - 116, Celtics - 86.

Q. You guys have been here in this situation after being up 2-0 and then losing by a substantial number in Game 3. How might that experience be able to help you moving forward into Game 4?
AL HORFORD: Like you said, we've been in this position before. I think that obviously it's a different circumstance, but we'll go back and look at the film. I can tell you just from right off the top of my head, there was a lot of breakdown defensively for our group. We didn't have that the first two games. It's something that we need to address and be better Monday if we want to have any sort of chance of winning.

Q. And then secondly, as one of the leaders of this team, what was your message to the group in the locker room after this game?
AL HORFORD: I just think it's for us to learn from this. It's what we've been preaching all playoffs, good or bad. We're learning from the experiences, we're moving on and it just shows when you don't bring it as a team and you don't play the way you're supposed to play, these kind of things can happen. At the same time, you've got to give Cleveland credit. They played better. They were the better team tonight.

Q. Points in the paint, rebounds, Cavs win both, and decisively in the rebounds. Was the physicality kind of a switch thing? In terms of attitude, were you not where you needed to be there tonight?
AL HORFORD: Yeah, I think they did a good job of setting the tone in the game. I felt like we settled for a lot of mid-range shots. Credit to them for doing that.

Q. Obviously you didn't play the fourth because the score was lopsided, but you had only four shots. Is there anything Tristan Thompson is doing to make it difficult for you? What can you do to get a little more involved in the offense moving forward?
AL HORFORD: I just think that we need to run our offense just with more pace. I think tonight a lot of the times we got caught up in just being in a lot of isolation positions. We need to do a better job moving the ball. I think if we move the ball better, we will all benefit from that and it will be better.

Q. Ty Lue talked about shifting some of the coverages with Jaylen Brown. Did you see a different schematic from what Cleveland did the first two games to you defensively?
AL HORFORD: I don't know. I'm not really sure. I'll have to go back and look at it on film. I felt like we had a game plan. Offensively, we didn't quite execute it. On defense, that's what's most concerning to me. We weren't as sharp as we needed to be.

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