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May 19, 2018

Bridget Orchard

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

UL Lafayette - 15, Fordham - 3

COACH BRIDGE ORCHARD: Biggest thing I want to just kind of say is that I'm really proud of the group we brought here. Wasn't the results we wanted but we got the experience we wanted. We're a young team and they fought and they battled and they tried their hardest.

They really put it all out on the field today. I really can't ask for more. We have two seniors, Madi Shaw and Lauren Quense, this will be their last game. I know it's something right now we're disappointed about but I think they will remember it forever, the experience they had. We have a lot of freshmen, a lot of nerves, a lot of mistakes but I think in the long run, this is going to help us build a future at forward ham.

Q. Those errors were the story of y'all's weekend. Was there anything that happened there in particular?
COACH BRIDGE ORCHARD: I want to kind of chalk it up to inexperience. You know, inexperience, a little nerves. Again, they are freshmen and they are pretty much making a lot of the mistakes. It's a bigger atmosphere we're used to playing in. They can make those plays. They know they can make those plays, so it is a little frustrating.

I think the big atmosphere and the pressure they are feeling, and once they made one, it got in their head and they started making multiple errors and it kind of cost us.

Q. You guys were able to score some runs in the first inning off that first pitch, and then when they made the pitching change, it was really nothing the rest of the way. What was so difficult about the second pitch, or what changed?
COACH BRIDGE ORCHARD: I think it's the mentality -- we let our defense roll into our offense. When we were making mistakes on defense and we were letting up runs, it was affecting the offensive side of it.

I give credit to their pitcher. She absolutely came in and shut us down and did a great job. But I think it was more our mental focus when we were at-bat, knowing that we were kind of having to climb back from four runs, five runs, six runs, so then it got really out of hand.

Q. Do you think the weather had anything to do with your errors and stuff?
COACH BRIDGE ORCHARD: I don't think so. It could -- it was hot and they were tired. It definitely hurt our pitchers a little bit. Lauren Quense was a little gassed there at the end. Just being out there on the field for so long, and we did make the mistakes, so now you've got to stand there in the heat. We were on defense for a long period of time and they were starting to fatigue a little bit. Definitely played a little part but not costly.

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