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May 19, 2018

Draymond Green

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. Steve [Kerr] spoke about needing to come out with more force and intensity on the defensive end to also get out in transition. What have you guys sort of discussed on that front?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Just that we need to defend better, maintain dribble penetration.

Q. What were the breakdowns on the corner threes and how do you counteract that?
DRAYMOND GREEN: We open up quite a bit, that's what happens when you don't contain dribble penetration, so we've got to be better at point of attack and help eliminate that.

Q. On the play of PJ Tucker in Game 2.
DRAYMOND GREEN: When you get 22 points from a guy that you don't plan on getting it from, we've got to do better.

Q. Why was containing dribble penetration an issue in Game 2 and not in Game 1?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I just don't think we ran to the ball. We didn't play with the same force that we played with in Game 1.

Q. What has this team done traditionally to bounce back from a tough loss, because you guys seem to come out after a bad loss and be brilliant.
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think we just -- I think we're at our best when we feel threatened. Game 1 we felt threatened, we came out with a sense of urgency. Game 2 we didn't feel as threatened, and the sense of urgency wasn't there. I think you're allowed one of those a series. We've had our one and now it's time to lock in for the rest of the series.

Q. Some of those defensive breakdowns, was communication part of that?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Communication is important in any defense.

Q. But was that an issue at all for you guys?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It goes hand in hand, communicating and guarding the ball.

Q. Do you think the offense was too stagnant or iso oriented in Game 2?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I feel like we got diced up on the defensive end.

Q. When you watched [Trevor] Ariza go down the lane completely uncontested in the second quarter on film, what kind of reaction did people have just seeing that play?
DRAYMOND GREEN: No reaction. You know, we didn't really need to watch that on film to remember that play. It just is what it is. It kind of sums the game up for us.

Q. When you are getting those stops on defense and then you get out in transition, is that when you guys are really free-flowing and moving so well?
DRAYMOND GREEN: When we get stops, we push the tempo. Everybody on the court is a threat to score. That's tough to guard. It's important that we get stops, we push the tempo and get the game at the pace that we want it, and it should work out in our favor.

Q. How does Klay [Thompson] and the rest of the guys go about getting him the kind of looks he got in Game 1?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It's getting stops. We got stops in Game 1. Some of those looks come in transition, defenses aren't. We get stops, we'll get more looks.

Q. You used the phrase "playing with force." Steve uses that phrase a lot, and D'Antoni was using it, too. What does that look like?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Yeah, you can't get to this point and not play with force, so Steve is going to use it, I'm going to use it, D'Antoni is going to use it, James Harden is going to use it, Chris Paul is going to use it, Steph is going to use it, and the beat goes on. You can't not play with force at this time of the year, so everybody is going to use it.

Q. What does it mean?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Play with force.

Q. Do you hate having this much time off?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think sometimes it's needed, other times it's not. It gets kind of boring, but it is what it is.

Q. How do you guys help Steph get going on offense in Game 3?
DRAYMOND GREEN: We can't help Steph get going. Steph got to help himself. You don't need any of us to create looks for him or anything like that. He's going to do that himself, and we know he will.

Q. He said he doesn't even need to make one because he knows the first one he takes is going to go in. Is that about right?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Yeah, you'll have to talk to him about that. I don't know that feeling.

Q. His confidence level in your mind, always at a certain peak level? Does it ever waver?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I mean, I don't think so. He's a very confident guy. He knows what he's capable of. He's always the same. He's never -- if he's going to miss seven in a row, he's going to take the eighth one. That's just how he is.

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