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May 19, 2018

Savannah Heebner

Kristin Vesely

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

UL Lafayette - 7, Houston - 2

COACH KRISTIN VESELY: I felt we played a good game. There are many things we could have done differently before better to get a different outcome but happy with where we're at and we know what we need to do to win this next game.

Q. A tough game like this, you only had six baserunners all day. Is there anything else you could have done differently, done more, to have it come out the other way?
SAVANNAH HEEBNER: Mean, honestly, giving up one run shouldn't be a main factor whenever it comes to wins and losses. I think that as offense, we should have just put more runs up in the beginning and should have started making adjustments whenever their pitcher made adjustments.

Q. What about Ali makes her so hard to hit?
SAVANNAH HEEBNER: Maybe that she can adjust what she wants to throw pretty quickly. I feel like that kind of threw us off guard and she just changed her speed up quite a bit and we were just kind of caught off balance a little bit whenever she started throwing her off-speed a little more.

Q. When you're going up a pitcher like that, does it change your game at all, make you press more, like a mindset change?
SAVANNAH HEEBNER: To be honest, I didn't know any accolades about her. I didn't know her name.

Q. Former All-American, stuff like that.
SAVANNAH HEEBNER: Oh, I didn't know any of that.

Q. When it's a pitchers' duel, how does the mindset change over the course, when you tell where the game is going?

Q. Like when you tell what kind of game it's going to be, not many baserunners, pitchers' duel, does that change your approach?
SAVANNAH HEEBNER: Not really. I probably just kind of have the same approach always. Just try and keep my ball low and let my defense have my back.

Q. You have a lot of decisions this season. Could you come back and pitch tonight and if needed tomorrow if you had to?
SAVANNAH HEEBNER: What was that?

Q. You have a lot of decisions this season. Could you comeback and pitch tonight?
SAVANNAH HEEBNER: You asked would I --

Q. It's hot, humid --
SAVANNAH HEEBNER: Yes, I believe I would be able to. We've trained all season to out-last the opponents and I feel like as a whole entire team, we're very capable of continuing even now that we are in the loser's bracket, we're able to continue throughout this whole entire thing and be pretty fresh.

Q. With the two pitchers coming in, not giving up a lot of runs, did you expect it to be, you know, one run, one way or the other, kind of that one play defines everything?
COACH KRISTIN VESELY: My expectations were a little higher to be honest in our offense. She's a phenomenal pitcher. She does have the accolades. She has a low ERA. I thought we would have put up a couple more runs than we did, but saying that, we still out-hit the opponent. We left a couple runners on base and at the end of the day, that's what decided the game was hitting when it matters.

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