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May 19, 2018

Thomas Detry

Schilde, Belgium

Q. Tough out there this morning. How disappointed are you?
THOMAS DETRY: Very disappointed, especially I played great the last two days. It's the format. It's what you sign up for. I played okay in the morning. Didn't make any putts and then dropped one stupid shot there on hole No. 7 and there you go, it just happened so quickly. It's just nine holes, you know.

So very disappointed but a lot of good things. I played very, very well Thursday, Friday, so it's good for next week.

So I'm excited for next week. Now I'm just back to work getting ready for Wentworth and yeah, big events are coming up now.

Q. Describe how tough this format is. One mistake and you're pretty much out of it?
THOMAS DETRY: Not completely because it's still nine holes, but it's one mistake and then suddenly you make one mistake on the sixth or seventh hole and suddenly you only have like two holes to make it up, compared to like normal match play where when you have 18 holes, you can still have like a bunch of holes to make it up.

Here, everything happens very quickly, so you have to be on point right away, and yeah, this morning was a little tougher for me unfortunately.

Q. Talk about the support that came out very early for you?
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, fantastic to see them out there. A lot of red pants out there, my caddie mentioned. Good to see some Belgium colours out there at 7.30 in the morning, which is great. Unfortunate for them, sorry. Hope to be back next year for sure and I wish good luck to Nico and Pieters this afternoon, and Christopher, another Belgian guy.

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