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May 18, 2018

Bridget Orchard

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

LSU - 9, Fordham - 0

COACH BRIDGET ORCHARD: Obviously we're a little disappointed in our performance out there but again, talked to the girls about just coming here and playing in this beautiful facility, amazing atmosphere and playing the No. 1 team in the country. So for us, it's a great opportunity. Wish we could have done better but I'm proud of the way we came out, and we tried our best.

Q. Is it what you expected from LSU? Did they do anything that caught you off guard a little bit?
COACH BRIDGET ORCHARD: : No, we expected it. We prepared for it. We knew they were going to run, they are a fast team. They put the ball on the ground. We made too many mistakes. You're not going to beat a team like LSU making five errors. You're not going to stay at the game if you don't make those plays.

Q. How tough was it to kind out of that hole early on?
COACH BRIDGET ORCHARD: : It's tough. I think when we went down, they put the five-spot up in the second inning -- but we played so much better, and throwing bunts away and missing routine ground balls. I think those are the things that we knew they were there to take advantage of.

A good team, if you're going to make a mistake -- our catcher threw a bunch of balls away, and they are going first to third, first to third. That's going to hurt you. We don't have a strikeout pitcher, so that's tough. If we are not making plays behind her, it's going to be tough to stay in the game.

Q. Maria's performance, going 2-for-2 tonight. Talk about her night.
COACH BRIDGET ORCHARD: : She had a tremendous night. She's a real good hitter. I think the pitches were kind of coming in on her and she was able to spray it out there and get a couple hits.

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