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August 13, 2005

Thomas Bjorn


Q. Tying the course record, what was clicking for you out there?

THOMAS BJORN: Pretty much everything, you know, it's one of those days where I got off to a good start. I hit it close on 2 and hit it close on 4 and get the right kind of start. Then the next few holes, it becomes a little bit easier. You know, I hit a couple of poor tee shots and got away with it, and I guess you sometimes have to do that.

I've worked hard on my golf swing over the last two weeks. I've been making some big changes and today they felt comfortable for the first time in a long time. It was nice to go out and shoot that number, but, you know, I still have a bit of way to go in my golf swing. But I'm now seeing the results of the hard work and I'm now seeing that I'm getting back on the right track.

This was a bonus. You set out on a day like this and you think, wow, you've just got to try and shoot a good number and get yourself into a position where you can do well for the tournament, but now all of a sudden you bring yourself in a position where we're starting to talk about the golf tournament, and that's a bit of it's a bit of a different mindset. And I need to go home and get some get relaxed and get ready for tomorrow. All of a sudden, it's a completely different mindset.

Q. You've had so many up and downs in your career, do you think are they more extraordinary, more than the typical golf player in your mind or is it just part of the mind?

THOMAS BJORN: I think some will say there is and some would disagree with me. There's a lot of golfers out here that go through up and downs and you deal with it. If you want to be out here and you want to compete, you deal with your downs. You can't get too hard on yourself. You can't sit and think it's all come to an end just because of a bad round. You deal with it and you go on from there, and that's what I'm trying to do.

I've been enough in contention in big championships to know that I've got the golf game, and that's the important thing for me. And whatever happens in the last round sometimes is just something that happens. I have to have a lot of belief in my golf swing, and sometimes I don't. I don't believe enough in my golf swing and I take all of my mental strength from there, and I have to say that that's certainly going in the right direction right now.

So I'm just happy with the way things are working out. I came here with no expectations and all of a sudden you're in this position, so that's just nice.

Q. For this weather, for somebody from where you come from, it doesn't seem natural.

THOMAS BJORN: I've done well in warm weather. We get a lot of practice on our European Tour in the early parts of the season when we play in Asia and Australia. So, you know, I've done this for many years. I've come to far corners of the world to play golf, so this is nothing new to me. I come from Denmark, but I certainly use the whole planet as my playground, so you get into weather like this quite often.

Q. Has the course changed much from round to round and what's your overall analysis of it?

THOMAS BJORN: It's certainly changed a lot from the practice rounds. It was always 3 , 4 and 5 irons in the practice rounds and now all of a sudden you start hitting 7 and 8 irons. So this golf course has certainly changed. The length of it has changed. It's firming up quite dramatically out there. So that has changed, but I think it's been pretty consistent over the three rounds we played.

Obviously the greens, it's going to get a little bit hard in the afternoon with this kind of weather. So it's just going to get a little bit tougher. Especially tomorrow, I'm quite sure the pin positions are going to be as tough as they get.

End of FastScripts.

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