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May 18, 2018

James Harden

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. How hard will it be to replicate what you did in Game 2?
JAMES HARDEN: Not hard at all. It wasn't anything special that we did. We just created more opportunities with our defense.

Q. I know you've all been good on the road all year, but how tough is it to play at Oracle?
JAMES HARDEN: Western Conference Finals. It's going to be tough no matter who we play. Crazy atmosphere, so no different than what we've been through.

Q. Does it help you any that you've already won there this year?
JAMES HARDEN: That was the first game of the season, so a lot has been going on since then. But as long as we take those same principles and that mindset that we have, like I said, no matter where we play, we'll be pretty good.

Q. Was it a matter of more focus in Game 2?
JAMES HARDEN: Yeah, more focus, less mistakes, less turnovers. Not giving guys open looks, catch and shoots. Just all those things.

Q. The summer trip you took to the Bahamas, team building, the Vegas Summer League stuff. Guys don't have to be there. How critical can that be to lay the foundation? You know these guys are your friends, not just teammates.
JAMES HARDEN: That's the beginning. That's, like you said, the foundation. That's where we talk about what we're trying to accomplish and things that need to be done. So from the Bahamas, to Vegas, to just dinner nights and different things like that, that all adds up and it builds up. That's one of the reasons why we were so successful and why we're here.

Q. For the Bahamas, you guys were playing ball. It was fun, but you were playing ball every day.
JAMES HARDEN: Yeah, we were competitive. We were working out. Strength and conditioning coach was there. We were on the beach. On the court making an effort, very competitive. First time in the summer period you get an opportunity to see the new guys and some things that they can get better at and whatnot. It's a pretty cool experience.

Q. I know you've all talked about having a short memory. How important is that?
JAMES HARDEN: You win or you lose. It's a short memory. You've got to focus on the next game, next possession. Obviously, we did a pretty good job in Game 2, but we've got to figure out how can we go into Oracle and get Game 3.

Q. Do you feel like doing what you did and playing the way you wanted to in Game 2 will give you momentum going forward?
JAMES HARDEN: Yeah. Just because we know we're more than capable of it. We've just got to go out there and do it every possession.

Q. You mentioned multiple times just worrying about yourself. But a film session coming after a win, is it hard not to look to anticipate what adjustments they might be making?
JAMES HARDEN: No, no. We know how powerful and how good they are, obviously. We focus on us playing harder and doing what we did harder and better and smarter. We'll take that mentality.

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