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August 28, 1997

Michael Sell

U.S. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. It was a tough match. Sort of a split. Can you explain the match?

MICHAEL SELL: He got more confidence. Started picking it up, put the pressure back on me. I had the pressure back on him for almost two sets, except for a couple points at the end. He ended up grasping that, putting the pressure on me, not letting me back in the match.

Q. Sounded like half the people you know were there.

MICHAEL SELL: Yeah. I had a great crowd today. A lot of my friends from home, from New Jersey, came up. My college roommates came up. It was great to have them. It makes a great tennis atmosphere, not only for me to play, but for everyone around.

Q. What was your strategy sort of going against him? Had you ever played him before?

MICHAEL SELL: I never played him before. I knew I had to serve well, which I didn't. But I played from the ground very well in the first two sets in order to dictate play and play smart. I did that for two sets. Just didn't play smart in the third or fourth.

Q. Is this your first Open?


Q. How did you feel about the whole experience?

MICHAEL SELL: It was a great experience. Hopefully there will be several more Opens. But I learned a lot. I learned I can hang with the guys in the top hundred. I know I can beat them. It's just a little more mental. I think this experience really helped me a lot not only for the next Open, but for tournaments for the whole new year.

Q. What kind of things specifically? Just playing in front of a bigger crowd, playing under more pressure?

MICHAEL SELL: Not necessarily that. Just playing in the surroundings of the Open. It's a Grand Slam. First time I'm quallying in, won a round. I was pretty nervous out there, knowing what was in stake later on in the tournament. I just wanted to play up to my capability and see how it goes.

Q. Growing up in the metropolitan area, did you attend Opens when you were younger?

MICHAEL SELL: Yeah, I did quite a bit, yeah.

Q. So I bet that kind of even made it more?

MICHAEL SELL: It was more special. When I came here before, I really wanted to be a part of it, and now I am, which even makes it more special. Even being in the tournament in day four, five and six is extra special.

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