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May 17, 2018

Jaye Marie Green

Williamsburg, Virginia

Q. So you must have been feeling good out there. What was going right for you?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I think I only missed one green today, so I had a lot of opportunities for birdie and I made seven of them, so that's good.

Q. Obviously wonderful position after the first day, but it's only the first day.

Q. Your thought on being on top.
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, it feels good to be on top. I don't think I've ever led after a first round before, so it's good to be in good position.

I mean, there is so much golf left, but I like my position.

Q. With the impending forecast the rest of the week, was it good to just get out here and get through one of those days where it's kind of on and off, on and off, just to prepare for the rest of the week?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, exactly, because you kind of never know with the weather if they shorten it to 54 holes or what's going to happen. So it's nice to post a low one first, and if the weather gets really bad at least I have a cushion, you know.

Q. Were you in Texas two weeks ago?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yes, I was in Texas two -- a week ago. Yeah, that was very rainy.

Q. We kind of thought the morning crowd might've had the advantage today. What was it like playing in the afternoon, the conditions?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: It was so soft. You know, just being able to hit a 5-, 6-iron and fly it and it just stick there, that was easy.

But then again, you're hitting 6-iron where -- and having to struggle through the rain. I'm not good with an umbrella. I don't really know how to hold it, so I was struggling out there.

Q. How close was that putt on 18? From a distance it looked like it was only about an inch or two short? Excuse me, on 9.
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, it was a revolution short. Yeah, I think later in the day the greens got a little slower with the rain, and I didn't really want to bash my putts.

I was like, Let's cozy it in, and if it goes in, great.

Q. How and why did you get involved with CrossFit?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, that was a long time ago. I don't do CrossFit anymore.

Q. Oh, okay.
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, I got in because one of my friends at home owns a gym, and it was more for like the camaraderie. I had a lot of friends that do it and I'm really competitive, so...

And it was great work out, I just don't think it's good for golf.

Q. I was wondering if it would be.
JAYE MARIE GREEN: It's just really -- I love it. I'll probably do it when I'm done with golf, but while I'm playing it's just too hard on the body I think to do every day. I could see once in a while, but I can't. (Laughter.) I'm too fragile.

Q. Excuse me for not knowing this, but did you play college golf?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I did not. I turned pro out of high school.

Q. Okay. Coming into this tournament, how did you feel you were playing? What were you hoping to do here?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I've been playing really well. I feel like my scores haven't reflected it. Coming into this week I felt like my game has been in a good spot.

Just for it to -- the score to actually reflect how good I've been playing felt good. I've been really wanting to get my first win, so that's my goal has been every week.

Q. I think I overheard your brother saying there was another hole you just barely missed.
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, yeah. I missed like two three-footers coming in. Yeah, could have been a really low one today, but it's okay. It is what it is.

Q. He said your ball striking was really good today.
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah. It was crazy having almost like twelve five-footers, almost every hole. I had a fifteen-footer for eagle that I missed on 16.

Missed a six-footer on 17. Missed that one.

But that's what's cool, is when you hit that many greens you're not going to not make everything, but at least you have the opportunity to.

Q. The distinction of being the only player to be the medalist at Q-School twice, how do you view that? As a good thing? Or I had to go back so that's not a great thing?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I mean, golf you never really know what's going to happen. You just always do the best you can. Since I was in that position where I had to go back I just feel good about it because I proved to myself that I can do it.

Obviously I don't want to be back there again, but sometimes you just accept what golf gives you.

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