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August 14, 2005

Thomas Bjorn


JULIUS MASON: Thomas Bjorn, ladies and gentlemen, joining us. Thomas, some thoughts on the round today and then we'll go to Q & A, please.

THOMAS BJORN: It turned into some hell of a golf course today, I have to say. It was a completely different golf course to what we've seen the other three days. It's firm greens, it's difficult to keep it in the fairways, the wind blew, and it blew in that direction that the first seven or eight holes or nine holes became very, very difficult.

So it was a complete change from the other three days. I wouldn't say it's damage control, but it's certainly a question of keeping big numbers off the card and just try and take your chances when you get them.

Q. How difficult is it to come back after a round of 63 and be mentally adjusted going into the final round?

THOMAS BJORN: Well, it's always difficult because your expectations of your game obviously goes up shooting 63, and then you have to try and do it all over again. You know, when you I felt really good when I walked onto the tee this morning, and I just think the little delay that was there was probably the unluckiest because we stood on the tee, and when we got called back out, we hadn't played any holes so we hadn't put a swing on a golf ball all day, and then when we got back out we had to stand and wait on the tee, and we stood about 15 minutes on the 1st tee, which is probably not the place you want to be standing the longest time, you just want to get going.

We hadn't hit any shots, we didn't get a chance to hit shots on the break, so I think it was an hour and 20 minutes since I had hit golf balls on the range. So it was difficult to sit out on the first few holes, and it was a question of building into the round, and you kind of forget what position you're in when a delay comes; you just kind of go out and play golf.

You know, it worked somewhat to an advantage that we had that delay, but it also worked against us because it was a long time since we hit golf shots on the range until we teed off on the 1st hole.

Q. Given your position right now, what are the relative advantages and disadvantages of having to stop in the final of a major and now wait an entire night to get back out?

THOMAS BJORN: You know, I would have liked to have kept going. I thought it was turning into four or five players that could win this golf tournament, and I was feeling good about it. It was getting very difficult. It was starting to blow hard out there. I would have liked to have kept going, but I've got a good lie in the rough on 15, which is obviously a good thing. I've got that to think about all night, and that's a good break, knowing that I can go out tomorrow morning and I do have a good lie and then finish it off. It's been a long tough day this, and you've just got to go out and try and do the right things.

I probably need a couple of birdies over the last four holes to try and win this golf tournament, and I'm going to try and do that.

Q. Thomas, rain is not necessarily a surprise with the threat of rain that's been in the forecast today. Are you surprised given that the tee times weren't moved up since there was very, very little margin for error?

THOMAS BJORN: That's not for me to answer. I'm sure the guys that run the golf tournament look at all the possible options and they make a decision from what information they got. That's not for me to answer. I'm just happy to be here.

JULIUS MASON: Thomas, thank you very much for coming down. Have a good evening.

THOMAS BJORN: Thanks, guys.

End of FastScripts.

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