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May 16, 2018

Joost Luiten

Schilde, Belgium

Q. Home event for you, pretty much, isn't it?
JOOST LUITEN: Yeah, I live in Belgium now since about a year and a half. I live literally 15 minutes down the road here. It's a home event for me, yeah, so it's nice to sleep in your own bed.

Q. You've had a couple of weeks off. Was that well needed?
JOOST LUITEN: Yeah, came off a bit of an injury before Morocco and China, so it was a good test for me to play those two events, but it's also good after two weeks of playing to give it a bit of rest again and recover and work on my fitness to get it as strong as I can before the big event starts.

So it was a nice welcome break, but I'm looking forward to play again.

Q. You've had some positive results this season. What's been the key to that and how good is it to get a win so early in the season?
JOOST LUITEN: Yeah, that was the plan. Trying to play good and trying to win early, early in the season. I think the big difference between this year so far and last year is the driver. I'm hitting the greens a lot better. I changed a bit of material equipment, and now I have the consistency that I want, and that's what my game is built on, hitting fairways and hitting greens. Last year I struggled too much off the tee, and then you're struggling into the greens, as well.

So I'm very happy with the drive, and if I can drive it well, I can play my game and I will be a danger.

Q. Your thoughts on the new initiatives The European Tour of trying to push?
JOOST LUITEN: Yeah, it's great to try new formats. I think especially this week, I really like. Hopefully it works out great for everybody, for the promotor, for the players. But nine holes knockout, I think it's going to be quick. It's going to be -- you've got to be on top of the ball from the first hole. You can't really let your guard down because you will lose.

So hopefully I can do well, make the weekend and then play in the knockout because I think it will be a lot of fun for the players but also for the spectators because it's going to be quick.

It's great to have a tournament in Belgium, and they have some great players on Tour now with Thomas Detry and Thomas Pieters and Colsaerts, of course. It needs a tournament like this. I think it will help grow the game even more than it has been growing over the last couple of years, so it's great to be back on the schedule and hopefully it can grow in the future.

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