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May 15, 2018

Andrew Copp

Las Vegas, Nevada: Practice Day

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your thoughts of the crowd tomorrow night? What are you anticipating?
ANDREW COPP: Yeah, it was a great crowd when we were here, for sure. I think we've kind of been used to great atmospheres the last couple series. Shouldn't be anything we're not used to at this point. We know they're going to be loud, they're going to be cheering for their team, for sure.

Q. How important is shutting that top unit down, whoever gets that matchup? They did some damage last night. What are the challenges they pose?
ANDREW COPP: Yeah, they got really good sticks. When they're coming on the back-check, they knock a lot of pucks down. They always seem to find that seam pass. I would say that's probably the biggest thing with them.

That means we got to be really direct, make them play in their own end. We know if we give them any time and space, all three of those guys can put the puck in the net.

It will take a total team effort, from the goalie, D, out to the forwards. Really got to be aware when we're on the ice.

Q. What did you see with the scoring chances?
ANDREW COPP: Kind of a loose puck. Yeah, I mean, caught the inside of the post there. Game of inches. I thought our line had some good chances, especially in the second.

Q. When you say game of inches, Mark has the great chance in the opening minute, one off the post. Is that one of those where if one of those goes in, a different game?
ANDREW COPP: You like to think of it that way. I think they hit a couple posts when they were up 2-0, too. That can change that way, too.

It all evens out in the end. With seven games, the best team usually is going to win. Little breaks like that might not have went our way last night, but it's a long series. We just got to concentrate on the next game.

Q. What has made your group so effective on the road this year?
ANDREW COPP: I don't know. We try to keep our game simple. When we start to overcomplicate things, get too fancy, that's when team -- when teams play our game against us, we're too fancy, that's a recipe for success for the other team.

The more direct we are, the faster we play, I think it helps us play fast and get all four lines rolling, get everyone involved.

Q. Seems like you are keeping it pretty light here today. Has that been a part of how you get from game to game?
ANDREW COPP: Yeah, I mean, like I said, it's a long series. You can't be taking losses to the next day. You have to worry about them that night. The next day, you get back to enjoying our time in the Western Conference Final.

Obviously tomorrow, that pregame skate comes around, everybody will be more dialed in. If we're not having fun, then what are we doing?

Q. How do you explain the back and forth with the series?
ANDREW COPP: Yeah, I mean, that's the playoffs, right? We didn't think we were going to win four straight in the Western Conference Final, that never happens. They got a great team, have had a great year. No team is going to bow down. No team is going to just win easily. I think we're in a battle. That's what we want.

Q. What have you learned about their D corps?
ANDREW COPP: Last night they were moving pretty good. I think we didn't really get the right kind of pressure on our forecheck. I think our dumps weren't that great. We weren't supporting the puck and attacking with speed like we usually do. Made for them to have a little bit more time and space to break the puck out.

They made a lot of good plays in their own zone to break them out fast, kind of keep us on our heels a little bit.

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