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May 15, 2018

Connor Hellebuyck

Las Vegas, Nevada: Practice Day

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. The crowd, what do you expect tomorrow night? You've been here before.
CONNOR HELLEBUYCK: It's going to be awesome. It's going to be intense. You know, this is all or nothing. All on the line. That's what we grew up dreaming about.

Q. What about the goalie matchup here? Marc-Andre Fleury, yourself, thoughts on that?
CONNOR HELLEBUYCK: He's a great goalie. I've always thought that. I always grew up watching him. Being part of this is a whole new experience for me. I'm really excited about the way we're going to play.

I can't look too much into it him, though. I got to worry about my own details, worry that I'm bringing my A plus game.

Q. In these playoffs, home teams actually have a losing record. Does that surprise you?
CONNOR HELLEBUYCK: Yeah, it actually does. But it just shows the resiliency of these good teams. You're not just good at home, you're good no matter where you go. You play the same system, the same style. I guess sometimes it just works out more on the road.

Q. What has made your group so effective on the road in the playoffs so far?
CONNOR HELLEBUYCK: Like I was just saying, we just play our game, continue playing it. Maybe the odds just show it's better on the road.

But I think no matter where you go, if you continue playing your game, you're going to find success.

Q. What are some of the biggest challenges that top line presents?
CONNOR HELLEBUYCK: I don't know if I'm looking at any line different than the other. I think everyone is dangerous. They have good depth. We need to combat that with everyone bringing their game. Every detail matters and every shift matters.

Q. Club did a pretty good job locking down the last two games in Nashville. Anything stand out in particular there that you'd like to do again here?
CONNOR HELLEBUYCK: Win. I guess we'll go with that.

I think just bringing our game, making sure our details are right is the most important thing we can do right now.

Q. What stood out the most about the first two games so far?
CONNOR HELLEBUYCK: It's tough to say. This is my first time being here. I'm enjoying every second of it. I guess that's standing out. Just the intensity is building, the pressure is building, everything. It's a fun time to be around and playing the game.

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