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May 15, 2018

Colin Miller

Las Vegas, Nevada: Practice Day

Q. You guys got your feet moving last night, and obviously they're a fast team. You have to use your own feet. Is that going to be critical throughout the whole series?
COLIN MILLER: Definitely. I think both teams are so good at having those five guys connected, they do such a great job of having those D-men down and pinching, so we've got to respond by doing the same thing, and I think last night we did a good job. We were pretty connected, and we'll have to do that going forward.

Q. You seem to have wave after wave of guys that can come down with outside speed, whether it's Ehlers or Wheeler, Scheifele, Myers, they've got a bunch of guys. What's that like for a defenseman?
COLIN MILLER: Well, they're fast, but the better gaps we have, the easier it makes it on us. I don't know, they've done a good job of puck saving, getting it behind us, as well, which is never easy, breaking the puck out hasn't been an easy thing in this series by any means, but it's so tight checking and so close that I think you've just got to make the little plays when they're there and cut your losses if they're not, chip it off the glass and just get it out to your zone.

Q. There's some frustration there sometimes because you want to be creative, but you can't make a mistake because both of these teams will take advantage of errors?
COLIN MILLER: Exactly. I mean, it's just about making plays when they're there, and when they're not, just kind of do what you can to get it out, and hopefully our forwards can jump on those pucks in the neutral zone.

Q. What is today like? Is it just rest and recovery, or are you guys doing video work?
COLIN MILLER: A little bit of everything. Obviously watching shifts and stuff like that, but yeah, more just rest and recovery, making sure that we're ready for the next game.

Q. How big of a difference is it to come back having won, knowing how well you can play against them?
COLIN MILLER: It's huge. I mean, playing on your home ice is a big, big thing in the Playoffs, I think. We love playing at home in front of our crowd, and I think last night that was huge for our team. We kind of established ourselves and got ourselves going in the series. We're looking forward to the next game.

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