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May 15, 2018

Kevin Durant

Houston, Texas: Practice Day

Q. Can you talk about coming in here and trying to make sure you guys (indiscernible)?
KEVIN DURANT: We just need to come in with a sense of urgency, knowing this is an important game for us. It's a great opportunity. They're going to come out and give us their best shot. So we've got to be able come out there and take some of those runs they're going to make and not get discouraged when they make tough shots over us.

I think that goes into trying to win a basketball game. We have to be mentally prepared for everything that goes on in a basketball game.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, this team is always resilient. We fought to the end and put the work in. So we can live with whatever the results that comes after that. We focus and play hard every time down, it usually goes pretty well for us.

Q. Do you feel like you imposed your will on them a little bit?
KEVIN DURANT: I feel as though we still made some mistakes. They got loose in isolation. We helped too much, gave up lobs. We've got to be better in that area. But I like how we came out and played a good brand of ball.

Q. What kind of adjustments are you expecting to see the Rockets make?
KEVIN DURANT: I think they're going to continue to get the ball to James [Harden] and CP [Chris Paul], and have them create for everybody else as well. They're going to try to move faster and create pace.

We've got to be prepared for everything.

Q. The Rockets have essentially described you as unguardable, whether it's because of your height, your skill set. To hear the Rockets say something like that, how does that make you feel?
KEVIN DURANT: I know my job is to come in and work every day in practice and play as hard as I can in the game. Everything else outside of that really doesn't matter.

Q. Do you ever get a sense of you feel like you have it going in the third quarter, and because of your height, because it's just going, you have to just kind of go with it? Keep going with it?
KEVIN DURANT: Because of my height?

Q. Well, just because that moment in the game where it all just feels right.
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, just like any player, you see a couple shots go down, you feel confident. Here, on this team, I just get more volume of those shots. Everybody in this league has those moments where they make a few. Coach has to make a decision if he trusts to keep going or if he wants to move you off the ball and say, That's enough.

Every player gets that opportunity. I just try to take advantage, be confident if they come. I may struggle at some points in the game. It's just staying confident and working extremely hard, and I'll be fine.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
KEVIN DURANT: No, I think both teams want it equally. They were intense, feisty; we were the same way. It's just a matter of making plays down the stretch and throughout the game. We just happened to do more of those last game than they did.

Q. How much do you feel like the momentum has changed now that you all were able to win Game 1 here?
KEVIN DURANT: I don't feel like it's a huge momentum shift. Houston can win anywhere. They've proved it before. We know it's a four-game series. The first game doesn't guarantee you winning the series. We just want to keep playing.

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