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May 15, 2018

Steve Kerr

Houston, Texas: Practice Day

Q. Coach, you talk a lot about how this team is best when their backs are against the wall. How do you expect Houston to come in tomorrow?
STEVE KERR: I'm sure they're going to come out with a lot of fight. It's the playoffs, the Western Conference Finals. Every game teams are going to come out with fight. But last night was great competition. We broke through and got a win, but it starts over again tomorrow.

Q. How much do you think last night's game came down to just having a certain mental toughness and confidence throughout all 48 minutes?
STEVE KERR: I think the game really came down to staying solid and allowing our talent to shine through. We have so many gifted players, that as long as we're solid with the ball, we don't make mistakes, defend with intensity, then our talent's going to take over.

Q. Are you confident in having Kevon Looney out on the floor in a big moment like this?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, I mean, Looney's out there for a reason. He's an excellent one-on-one defender. He's got great length. It's not easy scoring on him, whether at the rim or on the perimeter. So, we won the game last night, so it's not like we're going to sit here and change everything. We have to look at everything and determine if we need to make some adjustments, which we probably will. But we've always been very comfortable with him guarding one-on-one.

Q. What is it about Kevon that you really like in these spots?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, he's really smart. He sees the game, understands it. He understands tendencies and he doesn't bite pump fakes. He tends to understand that he can bother people and challenge them.

Q. Do you feel like you set a good tone for the series last night?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, yeah. We set a great tone for ourselves. Now we have an opportunity to really take advantage and win tomorrow night and get a big lead. So that's the plan.

Q. What adjustments are you expecting to see from the Rockets?
STEVE KERR: I'm sure they'll make adjustments. They're going to look at the tape just like we did and try to find different ways to attack us. We've got to anticipate those things.

But it's not like in the playoffs you can just change who you are. You've got to be who you are. You've got to play the way you play. But you've got to do that better. That's what everyone does. So I anticipate we'll see a lot of the same stuff that Houston has been doing all year, but with more pace, more force, and we've got to be ready for that force.

Q. What do you think of Nick Young's play?
STEVE KERR: Nick was great last night. He did a good job defensively, knocked down a few big shots for us. Very happy with him.

Q. Davis West comes into the game last night, makes a few great passes for layups. You've always said the ball has to move. How much did that second unit sustain you guys and keep you on a good pace?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, we always rely on that second group to start the second and fourth quarter. We rely on them to move the ball, execute. It's a very good defensive group, so we need to get stops with that group.

But we also like the change of styles going to David on the block. Getting a little different look from what we do with Steph [Curry]. It's tricky in this series. You saw what happened last night. We went to David in the first half and they went small. They went to Nene in the second half. We went small and didn't play David. So there's always going to be that give and take for both teams about how they want to approach it.

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