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May 15, 2018

Trevor Ariza

Houston, Texas: Practice Day

Q. You guys won both games in Salt Lake, and you know how good you can be on the road. How critical is it to get this game going back to Oakland?
TREVOR ARIZA: I think it's extremely important for us to win tomorrow. They came out yesterday, they played with the feeling and the idea of coming in here and beating us and they got a win. But, again, this is a series. It's the first of four wins. So for us it's all about the next game and playing better in the next game.

Q. Mike [D'Antoni] said you all didn't have a short memory. Got a little rattled and spirit sagged a little bit when things didn't go quite right. How do you defend against that and avoid that from happening?
TREVOR ARIZA: Just sticking together, helping each other out, continue to harp on the things that we can do well. Continue to just play hard. That's all you can do. There's nothing else. That's all you can do is play.

Q. How difficult is it to fix the issues when you're having communication problems and when you're switching and things like that?
TREVOR ARIZA: It's pretty difficult to fix in-game. The only way we can fix it is, we have to do a much better job communicating than we did in the previous game. We know that and we're going to correct that.

Q. How do you look at the tape and see the open threes and do you guys understand how that happens?
TREVOR ARIZA: It's miscommunication, not communicating with each other. That's the tough part about it. Because although they are a really good team, one of the best teams in history, one of the best teams all year, we feel we gave them more opportunities or open opportunities than we should have.

Q. When you guys need to come together and get your spirits right, how often do you guys -- I know how tight you are. Lot of you have known each other a long time. How much do you guys text with one another off the court after the game?
TREVOR ARIZA: We talk all the time. I'm not sure. Are you saying we're not confident?

Q. No, I'm wondering if you guys lift each other up and say specific things to each other after a game. Call each other like let's go get together and talk about what happened tonight or talk about the game?
TREVOR ARIZA: Yeah, we do that.

Q. I mean, is it certain guys text more than others?
TREVOR ARIZA: No, I think we all just keep in touch every game. Like on the way here to practice, on the way from the game, at home. We always communicate. It's just not about one particular group of people talking. We always pretty much do.

Q. What is the most important thing you all have to do tomorrow to win?
TREVOR ARIZA: Just cutting down on mistakes and lack of communication. I think that's the biggest key to why we lost is we didn't communicate as well as we should have.

Q. [Indiscernible]
TREVOR ARIZA: Yeah, that's the way we play basketball. The thing that we can get better at or do better is get stops. When we get stops it allows us to get out in transition. It allows for them to make mistakes more so than us.

Q. Talk about what they were able to do offensively with the 18 fast-break points and the early offense. Was that because of what didn't work for you guys offensively, the turnovers, the missed layups?
TREVOR ARIZA: When you turn the ball over, for a team like that, it's usually going to end up bad for us. They have all kinds of great shooters, unbelievable shooters. So when we don't get a look at the basket, it's just difficult.

Q. Was it hard to keep the rhythm you had going in the first half once you got to the third quarter?
TREVOR ARIZA: Well, I didn't play that much in the third quarter, so I can't say.

Q. No, I know. You know, the team, is it hard to keep it?
TREVOR ARIZA: Yeah, we've just got to worry about the next play. When you get caught up in plays before or what happened before, it messes you up. You can't focus. So, for us, it's about just what's going to happen next. Can't worry about anything else but the next play.

Q. Trevor, you're always confident. This team is confident. If you play your game, you're confident you can still win this series?
TREVOR ARIZA: Yeah, of course.

Q. The confidence is still there?
TREVOR ARIZA: Yeah, the confidence is always here. We are a confident team. We feel like we have two of the best players in the NBA and the players around them are the best at what they do as well. So it's just about us coming out and knowing that and continuing to play like that.

Q. Is it easier said than done? Trying not to do too much in a situation like this?
TREVOR ARIZA: I don't know what too much is. I just know about going out and playing and that's it.

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