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May 14, 2018

Aron Baynes

Boston, Massachusetts: Practice Day

Q. What kind of adjustments do you think they'll make that you guys need to account for?
ARON BAYNES: They're going to be more aggressive. We know they're going to come out and try to dictate things, and it's on us to step up to the challenge and really try to assert our defense at the same time. They're going to come out and try to move the ball a little bit more. We did a good job of getting them to take the shots we wanted and a lot of those were contested. It's about us trying to stay locked in on defense. We've got to play a lot better. There's a lot of room for improvement. We just watched film, and that's something we're looking to do.

Q. At this point in the playoffs (indiscernible)?
ARON BAYNES: It's great. We've got a great mix of guys that have some experience and guys that are hungry to go out there and try to learn as much as they can through playing. Everyone is hungry as a group to go out there and keep succeeding. There's a lot that we have to work on, both offensively and defensively. There's a lot of room for improvement, which is an exciting thing at this point.

Q. Have you talked to your teammates about what it takes to win a title?
ARON BAYNES: A little bit here and there, but it's a different group than what I had back then as well.

We're adjusting and finding our own way. We understand now what it is to play playoff basketball, but it keeps getting more intense every game. That's what these guys are seeing, and they've been able to adjust to it really well. It's something that, yeah, we're focused on as a target as a group, and we're not satisfied yet, that's for sure.

Q. How different is it this time around compared to when you won your ring [with San Antonio in 2014]?
ARON BAYNES: I think it's definitely a lot different. I'm able to contribute more than I was back then, and I'm definitely enjoying it. It's fun right now. The game has changed a little bit. I think there's a lot more emphasis on threes than there was even at that point, so it's about trying to space the floor. But at the end of the day, when we play our defense and we're playing our defense as a collective, then we look pretty good.

Q. How much more are you enjoying having a leadership role this time around?
ARON BAYNES: Yeah, it's great. I was able to learn a lot from some great players -- Tim [Duncan], Tony [Parker], Manu [Ginobili] and Boris [Diaw]. The list is quite long. I was able to learn a lot from them, and I've just tried to emulate certain things that they do in terms of their routine and staying consistent. That's what we're doing a great job as a team right now as well.

Q. Do you show your current teammates your ring?
ARON BAYNES: I haven't even seen it in a few years. I hold on to the memories more than the actual artifact, I guess.

Q. What do you expect from LeBron in Game 2?
ARON BAYNES: I think I touched on that. They're going to be more aggressive. He's the head of the snake, so he's definitely going to be that. It's going to be a fun challenge for us, but we're looking forward to it.

Q. In the past the Celtics have gotten dominated on the boards by the Cavs and particularly Tristan Thompson. What is the mindset that you have to have in dealing with a guy like that?
ARON BAYNES: He's a great player. He has a lot of energy. He's always working. He's always trying to find the right angles to get to. It's all about trying to go out there and just trying to stay between him and the basket as best you can. There's a number of guys, because when I switch out onto a guard, our guards have to take that challenge [against Thompson]. It's something that we saw a bit on film this morning, and we can clean that up a little bit. But it's a challenge on a lot of guys, and I'm out there all for it. I love it when I get to go up against those type of guys.

Q. How does Brad Stevens compare to Gregg Popovich?
ARON BAYNES: They're both great coaches. There's definitely a similarity between them. But they definitely have their own methods as well. There are some comparisons, but in a lot of ways they're their own coach. I'm just lucky to be able to have learned from both of them and I'm still learning from Brad a lot.

Q. What are the similarities?
ARON BAYNES: They're both great with the X's and O's. They've all figured out more than I've ever learned, so every chance I get and can see some things from them, I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Their composure throughout the game is pretty much second to none. No matter what's going on on the floor, they're so composed in how they are with the team and the message that that sends through to everyone and keeps everyone calm.

Q. You guys had 60 points in the paint last night. Do you expect to continue your three-point barrage, or is that something that may not be as necessary in this matchup?
ARON BAYNES: It all depends on what we need in terms of spacing. There are so many guys when they get the ball, I'm trying to get them as much space as I can. But there are other times where I have to try to roll. I know what's gotten me to this point is being there in the paint. I'm trying to be a big target, try to draw some defense toward me on certain occasions so it gives other guys some space. It's just about where we are in the game. It's just great to have that [three-point shot] as an option, but it's not what I'm trying to [indiscernible].

Q. Were you surprised at the lopsided score of the game yesterday?
ARON BAYNES: It's one of those things. We're definitely happy with it, but we're not content. I think the ball was dropping pretty well for us at certain points, and it just wasn't going the right way for them in some circumstances as well. They came out in the third and they started playing really tough. What we've been able to do all year is respond, and that's what we need to keep doing. Every time they come out and throw a few punches, we need to be able to respond in the right way. That's something this group has been able to do pretty well up to this point.

Q. Did LeBron seem a lot less aggressive to you yesterday than he normally is?
ARON BAYNES: I'm not so sure on that. I mean, he was definitely out there. Seemed like he was surveying a few things. He's such a great player that he tries to change a few things on the go as well. I think there was one exchange he had there with Brad where Brad changed our defense and LeBron told his guys and that changed their offense on the same next possession as well. I don't think he's less aggressive, but I think it's going to be a different animal again tomorrow.

Q. LeBron says (indiscernible) to see what's needed. Do you get that sense?
ARON BAYNES: Yeah, he's definitely shown that he's not the same player game to game in terms of he always steps it up. He always finds another gear to go into. He always finds another level. That's what makes him one of the greatest of all time. It's about us trying to answer that challenge and finding a new level defensively as well.

Q. Have you surprised yourself with your three-point shooting?
ARON BAYNES: Surprised myself? I've put in the work and I've put in the time, but like I say, it's not the number one thing I work on. It's not the thing I spend the most time on. I'm always trying to expand my game, and at this day and age, it's about trying to create space. And what better way than trying to step out there and knock down a few shots. But like I said, I'm not trying to live by it.

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