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May 14, 2018

Kevin Love

Boston, Massachusetts: Practice Day

Q. Reflecting on Game 1, missing a lot of open shots, all respect to their defense, are those fixable do you think?
KEVIN LOVE: Yeah, they were just shots that we usually make at a lot higher clip than we shot yesterday. So those are shots -- a lot of good open looks we had, a lot of good looks at the rim in the paint, a lot of good looks from the perimeter, but just got to keep shooting them when they're there, and like you said, got to give credit to their defense, but we also have to be better.

Q. What was working in the third quarter that allowed you guys to make it a clsoer game?
KEVIN LOVE: Yeah, I think we just -- we what, won the quarter by 12 and cut the lead to 14 before they went on that 7-0 run. I think our coverages were better. I think in the first half, we were a little soft, and I mentioned after the game yesterday, just letting a few of their guys just get open looks and get a good feel, and they've been playing extremely well throughout these Playoffs. A number of players have been stepping up for them. We just need to be better at -- I think really forcing issues is the wrong thing to say on the defensive end, but making them feel less and just being better.

Q. Did the force they played with surprise you?
KEVIN LOVE: No. We've been watching them the entire Playoffs. They've been a very physical team. They've been hitting teams first, and also, they have a ton of movement and are able to switch on the defensive end, offensive end. I mentioned they really turn that ball over both sides of the floor, they cross screen it, they get the swing-swing pass, and whether it's [Al] Horford or [Jayson] Tatum or any of those guys, they keep that ball moving even when they're making their move.

Q. You've seen LeBron in these kind of circumstances a few times before; what kind of response do you expect from him?
KEVIN LOVE: Yeah, I expect him to have a big response. He's always done it, even before he came back to Cleveland, he's always responded big, and I imagine it'll be a lot like -- what was that, Game 2 against Indiana, too, we had a really tough loss, and he came out and played very well and started that game off extremely well. So I just mean he's going to approach this game as one that he's going to have to lead and bounce back.

Q. When you have a guy as versatile as Al Horford that can score, rebound, facilitate, how tough is that to play and scheme against?
KEVIN LOVE: He's just versatile. He's been able to do so much for them, especially with Kyrie [Irving] out, just really stepping up his game. I mentioned those guys have been playing extremely well in the Playoffs. He's at the forefront of that. He's a guy that has been shooting the three extremely well, been mixing up roles, shooting at a high clip, playing very efficient, so we have to find ways to slow him down.

Q. After sort of a feel-out game, how does that sort of translate down to adjustments?
KEVIN LOVE: Yeah, I think we'll go over some things today, look at film, and definitely make adjustments. You know, typically in feel-out games, we don't want to be down in such a manner that we got in yesterday, but we feel like we can look at a number of things and just be better in Game 2.

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