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May 13, 2018

Alexander Peya

Nikola Mektic

Madrid, Spain


5-3 (ret.)

(Mixed Zone)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It was together your first Masters 1000 title. It didn't end up really the way it should have. Still a victory is a victory. How do you feel about that?
ALEXANDER PEYA: It's very mixed emotions right now. Of course, we were very happy that we won the tournament, but it's not the way you want it to end. I think we played a great match till that moment. Like I think we would have had a chance. Lost too many times against them.

I don't want to win that way. I mean, just felt weird sitting there having won a Masters 1000, one of the biggest tournaments. Somehow that's very strange.

Q. Now that you've won, with such a great beginning of the year, does that open up your perspective and what you would like to achieve? Is a good Roland Garros really within reach for you?
ALEXANDER PEYA: Every tournament. Like I always feel if we play well, we can beat the best teams. We've proven that in the first few months already of the year. So this doesn't really change it, of course.

I mean, it's good to see that you can win a tournament like this and beat the good teams. It doesn't really change that much for me going into Roland Garros. Like, I want to do well every tournament I go into. I believe I can do well. That didn't really change.

Q. That must have been a dream to go to your first Masters 1000 final and a win is a win.
NIKOLA MEKTIC: Yeah, a win is a win. Like Alex says, sometimes you just wish you could get some walkover and win easy, but now when you win it like this, it doesn't feel right.

In a way, it's a win. We deserve it in a way. We are in the finals, I mean. It's not as sweet as it could be if we played the whole match.

Q. For you the hi-risk bet, you took on Peya, has paid off now. You were the better-ranked player. Alex is the one who had the experience.
NIKOLA MEKTIC: Yeah, I wouldn't call it a risk back then. For me it seemed to me like a great option. When he asked me actually to play, I mean, it didn't really matter what his ranking is because I knew how good he is, I was really looking forward to play with him.

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