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May 13, 2018

Adam Scott

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. What do you feel with your game? Are you trending in the right direction as it looks like you are?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was pretty good out there, especially today. Bogey-free around here, I know the scoring's good but one loose shot can cost you here, and today I was pretty tight. Actually it felt the best swinging the club today of all week, so I like that. Hopefully the start of a good run of golf for me.

Q. What's going well for you right now? It looks like you're sort of getting back to form that's expected.
ADAM SCOTT: Well I putted well this week, relatively speaking. I mean, I putted better than I have this year for four consecutive days, and I putted well for three consecutive days last week. So I like that; confidence is building with the putter and certainly helps free up a little bit of the rest of the game.

I made some really good par saves this week that help so much with momentum that I wasn't making when you're really out of position and you're 15 feet for par and maybe made one or two a day. It keeps the round going, and I just haven't been doing that consistently and it makes it hard, always on the back foot. So that was good this week, and if I can keep swinging it nicely for the next couple weeks, I feel like my game will be in really good shape.

Q. Putting, what's been the biggest part of the transition, biggest challenge of it?
ADAM SCOTT: Of going back to the long putter you mean?

Q. Yes.
ADAM SCOTT: Nothing. No. It was just me being a little too stubborn too long trying to putt well with the shorter style putter. I mean, I did for a year and a half, but then since June of last year I haven't, and I just was a bit stuck, unfortunately, in my own mind, and being stubborn and I should have probably gone back at the start of this year, after using the long one in Australia at the end of last year. But I had too much time to think at home at the end of the year.

Q. How much freer are you feeling, and do you feel the confidence trickle down from the putter to the driver once you start putting well?
ADAM SCOTT: Of course it has an effect, there's no doubt. When you feel like if you hit it in trouble you can get it on the green and have a chance to make putts, it makes you swing a little more freely. Sometimes I hit poor shots doing that, but I managed to knock them in this week. So there weren't too many bogeys out there really for me. I scrambled pretty well. I think those stats probably look all right. It definitely just has an all-around positive influence. Putting's an interesting thing because it's the last thing we do on the course, but it's always the thing you look at and feel like it means the most. Sometimes it does. It does just have a big impact on your feeling when you're going out there.

Q. You're the only guy I think to sweep the Texas week; how do you feel about going to a completely new course, and do you know much about Trinity Forest?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't know anything about it, and I mean, obviously I won at the other course, but things change. It's time to move on. I don't know that it was a sacred site for the golf tournament. I think hopefully this is a good move, and it's important, too, that the Byron Nelson tournament continues to move forward and be fresh, because it's been named after a great player and you don't want to see -- you want to see it go from strength to strength, so hopefully moving venue will spice things up a bit for it.

Q. What tournament did you go back to the long putter?
ADAM SCOTT: Last week. Oh, you mean last year? No, I just putted last week with it at Wells Fargo.

Q. What's the different sensation of having it against your body and an inch away or whatever? Is there anything in the stroke that is different or feels different?
ADAM SCOTT: Not really. Still feels basically the same kind of thing.

Q. Langer and McCarron have done it without any drop-off at all. So you don't feel there's any real compensation or anything?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I probably didn't -- when the change came about, I wasn't feeling good with it anyway, so I actually kind of was happy to switch, because I was quite frustrated the last six months of 2015 putting with the long putter. But then when I fiddled with it in December of last year, I probably didn't do good enough testing and I immediately cut one a bit shorter, two inches shorter and putted with that, and it felt all right but not great, and there was a different head than I'm using at the moment. I probably didn't give it a fair enough go. That was my fault.

This is the original putter that's a slightly different-sized head and a bit different weight, and it's the same length as I used to use, and it feels better.

Q. Is this the putter you won Akron with?

Q. Do you feel like this feeling you have in your body, like outside do you have a good feeling again?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's a feeling of ease, it's a very much no thought, and the body just moves and the ball just goes. At times we have all felt like we steer the golf ball, whether it's shots or putts, and the putting just felt very easy and free, like it just got in the way and, yeah, it was very much instinct. And I feel when I putted my best with the long putter, it was just easy as well.

Q. What's your schedule now? You do the Byron Nelson and then Colonial?
ADAM SCOTT: Byron Nelson, Colonial -- if I don't play well enough next week to get in the top 60, I'll be looking at Colonial and Memorial, and I don't know if Memphis can help me or not at that point, but we'll see. Week-to-week.

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