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May 13, 2018

Jason Day

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

JASON DAY: Going back on the question, I'll just repeat myself. It was good to get off to a good start, 4-under through nine holes and then it was just disappointing to stand up on both of the par-5s, have 7-iron in my hand and walk off with par. Walk off with par at 12, that's an accessible pin location today. Just didn't quite get it -- I gave myself opportunities coming into the greens, just didn't take them and that's a little disappointing because you get it to 16-under par, I think at one point he was at 18, that's still close enough for him to start thinking about things and unfortunately it just didn't happen on the back nine.

Q. Can you talk about 16, the second shot you grimaced a little bit?
JASON DAY: Yeah, every now and then it happens where my shoulder wants to, it feels like it pops out but it's like more of a sting. And I don't know, I don't know if it's from because I've had back issues and it's gone from my back to my shoulder now, because it snowball, I don't know. I'm constantly doing shoulder exercises twice a day it takes me about 30 to 45 minutes total just to keep it loose. My whole life now is just pretty much little exercises just to try and stay loose. But every now and then it will just come up and just pop and it stings straight away. So it's more on the transition, so when I go to the top and then I start to unwind, then it is like a stinging pain and then flipped it and went left. So just unfortunately just at the wrong time there because obviously you can get maybe get an eagle and get something going. But, it is what it is.

Q. Happen at Bay Hill too, same thing?
JASON DAY: I think it happened at Bay Hill, yeah happened at Bay Hill, it's been bugging me pretty much the whole year. It's been pretty sore -- over the last couple weeks it's actually been really good. I'm always pretty diligent about doing them, doing the exercises, so every week it's been a bit -- but it's gradually gotten better and better. So hopefully if I keep on top of it will just slowly go away.

Q. We have a new No. 1 this week.
JASON DAY: Thomas?

Q. How does what you've done this week help your quest to get back there?
JASON DAY: You know what, it's amazing. Obviously congrats to Justin. He's played unbelievable golf over the last year and a bit. Even more so two years or so. Things like this take time, they slowly evolve, and obviously he's played well enough to take that, even though Dustin's played pretty decent. Something that I still have to strive for. I know that Justin is -- once tomorrow happens and he's No. 1, he'll see himself up there, I'm sure he'll gain a lot more confidence and motivation to keep pushing, and that means that I have to keep pushing harder. I've got to work harder than those guys in front of me. I've got to work harder than everyone else, and I've just got to keep pushing and trying to reach that goal again of getting to No. 1. I'm just as hungry as I was at the start of the year right now and moving forward.

Q. Does seeing it change hands motivate you even more knowing it's sort of not you that he's taking it from?
JASON DAY: Yeah, yeah, not really, I don't think so. It's just that having that magical No. 1 right next to your name is what I'm worried about. Whoever is up there at the time, it doesn't matter, I'm just trying to get there. So I'm just really focused on that No. 1 spot.

Q. What's your impression of what Tiger was able to do this weekend as it pertains to him trying to get back in the winner's circle?
JASON DAY: He made the cut on the number and pretty much -- or he did make the cut on the number? And he put himself up to 14-under on the weekend? And then, yeah, just unfortunate one on 17. Seemed like from what I saw, I mean, obviously I'm speaking now that it looked like he kind of lost it a little bit right with the swing. For the most part, I mean, he's clearly playing some really good golf. If he got off to a half decent start, I mean who knows what would have happened on the weekend, and he may be walking off with a third PLAYERS Championship.

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