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May 13, 2018

Jimmy Walker

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Are you all the way back now or most of the way back or where are you right now?
JIMMY WALKER: I feel good. Physically able to work and grind and get after it and I've really been putting the time in and it's just matter it of seeing some good stuff go my way, because I feel like it's been awhile, but I've had last four or five tournaments I played have been really solid. So I'm really close to being, I think, done with everything. But a week like this is gigantic.

Q. To the Byron Nelson now you go?
JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, playing the next two weeks.

Q. Back to Texas so that's got to feel good.

Q. You have a pretty good record around that state.
JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, it's just nice to be in Texas. I love Texas and two more weeks and then a couple weeks off before the U.S. Open. So looking forward to Shinnecock. I'm looking forward it my two weeks off. Going to go to Utah so we're excited.

Q. Is it a challenge when you're playing as solid a round as you can and you look up and it's still seven or eight shots back?
JIMMY WALKER: When we all teed off today I thought barring something disastrous happening for Webb I think we all were trying to play for second place. So I think mission accomplished for me and the other guys too that did it. So you don't wish, you don't want to wish bad on anybody, especially Webb. He's a great guy, he really is. You just want to go out and try to put some pressure on him. So we tried to get it going, tried to get it going, but it's a hard golf course to really kind of -- there's just so much trouble and so many things can happen and great playing by Webb today. It's awesome.

Q. Tough golf course, you still put a 5-under clean card.
JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, yeah, no, that's great. First clean card of the week. So it's a tough track, the wind was down today, so that helped a lot, but I'm not going to say there were tough pins but there were some pins that were in some little tricky spots and so you just couldn't -- it was there for me to shoot 2 two or three better today but that was about it, I think.

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