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May 13, 2018

Webb Simpson

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. 107 starts between victories. It's an individual sport but you have Dowd here, your kids at home, your mom was watching nervously I'm sure, and Paul on the bag. This is a team game for you. What does this mean for Team Simpson?
WEBB SIMPSON: It means everything. There's, I'm the face that's playing, but there's so much that goes behind what I do with Dowd and my mom, Paul, John Silva, Cornel Driessen, there's so many people that are part of the puzzle. And you said 107 starts, I think had it not been for my faith it would have been a lot harder. It was still hard, but I'm just really thankful to get it done.

Q. When the putter change happened in 2016 you weren't exactly sure what was going to take place. What type of validation is a championship like this to you and to the way you play this sport?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's big. I love this golf tournament and it was here last year where I got that lesson, so I think it's pretty special that a year later we come out with a victory. So this is one that I do want to celebrate with the team and just reinforce that it's a group effort.

Q. Speaking of the team, there's one person missing here, your father. First time you played in THE PLAYERS, first time your mom's been home on Mother's Day without your dad watching, we know how much he meant to you, were you thinking about him at all today and what do you think he would be thinking from high above right now?
WEBB SIMPSON: I thought about him all day. I think it's been an emotional week for my mom and sisters and my brother. We miss him like crazy, but I really wanted to do this for my mom. She's been praying for me a lot.

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