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May 12, 2018

Kiki Bertens

Madrid, Spain

P. KVITOVA/K. Bertens

7-6, 4-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You felt Petra was very beatable today, didn't you?
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, I think it was a great final. I think in the beginning we were both a little bit nervous, trying to find our game. I think it was just a really good fight, I think a really good fight for me back in the second set where I played really well.

I had some chances in the beginning of the third, but didn't take it. Petra was playing some unbelievable shots there. So, yeah, credit to her today.

Q. I know it's close after the match, but reflecting on it, because this was the biggest stage you've probably played on in your career, do you feel like you showed everybody what Kiki Bertens can do out there?
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, I think I can be really proud of myself, like seeing myself where I'm coming from, just playing today in this final, playing tennis like the level I played today I think was quite okay for such a big final. I think I made pretty big steps in that.

Of course, it really hurts right now. I think you can see that (tearing up). Maybe already tomorrow or next week or in a few weeks I can really look back on a great week and know I'm on the right way.

Q. There were moments when you had to fight back during this match which was going back and forth. You never let up, you always tried to keep it as close or as competitive as you could.
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, I think that was really -- I think that's what I did really well today, like the fighting part. Petra is also one of the biggest fighters out there, so it was tough.

But I think I gave everything what I had in me today, so I have no regrets. It's part of the game, yeah.

Q. Because it's such a quick turnaround to go to Rome, then a week to prepare for Roland Garros, is it maybe a bit of a blessing you won't have to stop and think about what happened today, move on straightaway?
KIKI BERTENS: I don't know. Right now I feel like I want to have some days off and think about how well I played. But that's tennis. Tomorrow it's already another week, another week of tennis. Rome, also a lovely event where I have great memories from last year, where I played a great tournament.

It's just a day, tomorrow some traveling, and then on Monday is a new event where I'm going to prepare as good as I can, be happy with this week, yeah.

Q. How are you feeling physically after this week? How is your shin feeling?
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, well, today I hit it again. I hope no one saw (smiling). My whole leg is full of bruises. But I did it all myself, so it's my own fault.

Actually physically I feel quite good. It's always tough to say straight after the match. After all your matches you still have the energy in you, so normally it comes after the tournament where you feel tired. But right now I feel good.

In the beginning of the week I was a little bit struggling with some problems. I think every day I felt better. The more I played, the better I felt. I don't know how.

So I think physically I'm pretty good right now, yeah.

Q. When Raymond came down in the second set, you were quite frustrated. He seemed to be able to calm you down. What did he tell you?
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, he helped me a lot. I was still frustrated, like, not closing out the first set. A little bit pissed. I told myself to go for the shots and then I didn't really do it. Like some errors there.

He said, Yeah, but I see already you're trying to change your game now, so you did it yourself. Be proud of yourself how you're playing right now. You're playing some great tennis. Just go for it, give everything today, then we see how it ends.

He really calmed me down and gave me some confidence, yeah.

Q. How big an asset is Ray actually in your corner? Petra said he was one of the nicest guys.
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, I'm really happy with Ray as my coach. Now it's a little bit over two and a half years I think we are working together. It's just a great. We had some tough moments, but also some really good ones. We can talk good about things. He gives me a lot of confidence.

Yeah, what Petra said, I think Petra is one of the nicest girls on tour. If she's saying he's one of the nicest guys, I think that's a big compliment. That's how I feel, that I'm really lucky to have him by my side.

Q. During the trophy ceremony, you and Petra were friendly with each other. What were you talking about?
KIKI BERTENS: Maybe that's better not to say here. I don't know. We got the bottle of champagne and we were like, This is going to be a good night. I don't know if we're going to open it, no.

Yeah, I'm really for her. Winning back-to-back titles, it's a great, amazing thing. Yeah, so I'm happy for her.

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