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May 12, 2018

Tiger Woods

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. When you make the cut on the number, what's the mentality going into the third round?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, just trying to get something in the 60s today and get off to a better start and I was able to do that today. I birdied the first couple holes and basically just kept it rolling from there.

Q. Speaking of that fast start, at No. 1 what was the difference today, do you think?
TIGER WOODS: I hit a beautiful drive down there, hit a little sand wedge in there and left it right below the hole. I hit a good putt, it took forever for the grain to take it, but finally took it at the end.

Q. No. 2, your third shot, this is a really nice play.
TIGER WOODS: Well, I left it in a good spot, just an easy little chip right up the hill. The grain switches up on top, so it was nice to keep it right below the hole and it was a pretty simple putt.

Q. Your birdie putt on 5. A lot of guys are saying these greens are rolling perfectly out here this week.
TIGER WOODS: Oh, they are. I have the speed of these, unlike last week, and this was a pretty easy putt, a little right-to-left down the hill.

Q. How tricky was this one at 7 or was it not?
TIGER WOODS: It wasn't that bad, it was just running a little bit from left-to-right, it was a little bit quick towards the end because the grain switches there and I was able to read it right.

Q. So you're trying to make the turn, your second shot here at the 9th set you up for a nice birdie.
TIGER WOODS: I smoked a 4-iron up there, up in the air there and tried to throw it as high as I possibly could and I hit it flush, hit a nice high cut and I didn't think I could keep it on the green if I landed it on the green, which I got lucky enough to be able to keep it on top.

Q. You make the turn in 30 after that birdie at 9. Everybody's thinking low number here. Here you are with your second at 11. Were you thinking low number?
TIGER WOODS: Of course. I went to the easier side and I absolutely smoked a 3-iron in there. That's all I had in a 3. I got it to flag high and in the air which was nice and was able to 2-putt from there.

Q. 12, redesigned, everybody seems to love it. Here's your second shot.
TIGER WOODS: Well I hit not a very good tee shot in there. It was a nice little pitch down the hill, down grain and just trying to get anything over that bunker is going to basically climb on the green and go to the hole.

Q. This putt just short of 8 feet for birdie at 12.
TIGER WOODS: Kind of uphill, left center, and just kind of ripped it and I hit a good putt.

Q. Another par-5 on the back side is 16. You have to take advantage of it and here you are.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, unfortunately this putt kind of wiggled right at the very end. I wish I could have, I wish I would have got that one.

Q. How about the atmosphere on 17 in the morning on a Saturday when you hit this shot?
TIGER WOODS: It's packed. It's definitely packed. For such a short little hole, it's playing really tricky. You get the ball above the grand stands there, it floats. If you get it below it doesn't go. Mackenzie and I were talking about that, it's amazing, just a little bit of height. You would almost rather have it into the wind so then you can kind of control it the. But those chalets behind us really affect it.

Q. When you walked off the golf course you had moved up 60 spots. Who knows where you're going to be at day's end. You have that smile on your face, do you think low scores are in the offing this afternoon?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, yeah, with this heat and humidity, the greens are soft and these guys are going to tear this place apart, there are going to be lot of low scores today and I wouldn't be surprised if somebody went lower than what I did today.

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