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May 12, 2018

Andrew Landry

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. What do you think of the course, did you play.
Just kind of explain how going back to the WEB.COM kind of prepared you for this season on the PGA TOUR?

ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, obviously the WEB.COM TOUR is the pathway to the PGA TOUR, so I played out here my first year and really got my brains beat in and I learned a lot, I learned a lot about how to control myself and how to control the pace of my golf swing and my, the way I walk and just kind of everything. The WEB.COM is so good, such a good tour and it makes you have to go low and you just got to keep on grinding all those weeks out and you have to almost have to play every single week until you win. So it's a great tour and it helped me out tremendous amount by getting myself into competition and trying to win golf tournaments.

Q. How would you kind of explain the experience of playing at the 2018 PLAYERS to guys who are grinding on the WEB.COM this season?
ANDREW LANDRY: Oh, man this, is obviously a dream come true. This is one of my goals this year to start the year was to get in THE PLAYERS championship and to be here it's such a great golf course, it's in unbelievable shape right now and I'm looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully get something going. The course is gettable, you can get it, but the greens definitely got faster today and a little bit firmer, and the wind was up, so it's definitely a little bit harder today, but hopefully we'll get it tomorrow.

Q. Very different from a WEB.COM tournament, of course.
ANDREW LANDRY: For sure. Obviously WEB.COM events are a little bit shorter golf courses, a little bit slower greens, and you get out here and it's a little bit more demanding off the tee and you have to have a little bit more precision into the greens.

Q. The guys that played out here, done pretty well this week, Chesson and Keith, is it kind of cool to see that graduating class make the cut?
ANDREW LANDRY: For sure. It's obviously great to have WEB.COM guys come out here and start dominating -- I wouldn't say dominating -- but it's cool to see everybody playing well and hopefully just the guys that are out here as rookies, it's a learning curve, you know, and they will get it, they're going to go back next year on the WEB.COM TOUR, if people miss their card, and they're going to learn a lot and they're going to be in the same position I was in and they will be back. Once you get out here and you figure out what you need to do to get out here and stay out here, it's a little bit easier to do it your next go around. That's why it's so hard and rookies coming out here and keeping their card, it's pretty impressive, it is really impressive for that to happen. So we'll see. We'll see how everything pans out with some of the other guys and hopefully they will be back out here.

Q. You won early last year in the Bahamas and then you won this year on the PGA TOUR, talk about winning on the PGA TOUR. What was that like?
ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, all the steps that I took to win on the PGA TOUR, it was from the WEB.COM, obviously. The WEB.COM teaches you so much about competition and how to get in there and teaches you how to control your nerves and it was a major part of my success right now and I thank all the guys from the WEB.COM and thank everybody, all the staff and everybody for being so grateful. It's big family out there and it's such a cool TOUR, so hopefully I never see them again, but I would like to see them maybe out here.

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