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May 12, 2018

Harold Varner III

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. You had yourself a good round.
HAROLD VARNER III: Yeah, I played well, just hung in there at the start, obviously birdied the first hole, got ahead of myself and bogeyed the next hole. But it's golf. I'm just out here -- you just got to hang in there, and got a little hot at the end, which was obviously a lot of fun.

Q. Are you able to dismiss 18 and remember that nice little ride you had?
HAROLD VARNER III: Yeah, for sure. I didn't think about it until you just asked, but, yeah, it's good. I'm just playing some really good golf, putting myself in great positions and just want to get a few more looks tomorrow.

Q. Webb is 19-under now; he's got an eight shot lead.
HAROLD VARNER III: Good for him. He's playing great.

Q. Are you surprised to see someone taking it that deep? It's bunched up and there's one guy. Is that something you saw out there?
HAROLD VARNER III: I think we all should be surprised. He's beating the field by eight shots? I mean, anytime that happens it's not you're thinking someone is going to come in and be leading by eight. But when your putting that well it's hard to play bad.

Q. Him being ahead by eight, are you surprised by how many guys are like 11- and 9-under, just how gettable the scoring has been this week?
HAROLD VARNER III: Yes and no. I think it's, this is the most grass I've ever seen on this course. Usually it's kind of real bare, kind of dicey. Sort of like 18 right now, but where the pin is, which I like. I'm sure they will have -- I thought they would have something for us today, but I'll be prepared for whatever they throw our way.

Q. What's the difference today than the past two Saturdays here at THE PLAYERS for you?
HAROLD VARNER III: Well, either it is my -- I can't remember if it was my first Saturday or the second Saturday, but it was like I was putting it off the green. It was just not good.

Q. This is two years ago?
HAROLD VARNER III: Yeah, when it was like insane. I just couldn't figure it out. What did I shoot the next Saturday? I'm not really sure.

Q. I think 76 or 77.
HAROLD VARNER III: Oh, well, they were about the same. Both of them weren't good. I'm getting better at golf, period. I think I'm getting more mature, getting more experienced, and you can't put a price on that.

Q. Ray said that that's really what you -- it was really the key for you was to slow down because you got --
HAROLD VARNER III: Ray's always right.

Q. You got all this energy and you can't --
HAROLD VARNER III: He's spot on. It makes it hard because I get excited for every opportunity, and it's okay to be excited, but you have to be able to manage it, control it and release it the right way, not so jacked up.

Q. You had a lot of "Harolds" out there on 17 tee before your tee shot. Guys shouted out, come on, Tiger; how often do you get that?
HAROLD VARNER III: Not that often, but I think it's hilarious, honestly. But it is what it is. That might be the only thing they see.

Q. Tomorrow, Webb obviously way out front, how do you approach that thinking about a number to post or do you just go out and do your thing?
HAROLD VARNER III: Just do my thing. If I do my thing I'll be all right. If I do what I did, we'll be fine. It will be like -- he played good this week. So that's my job, I'm going to go do my job and I'm looking forward to it.

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