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May 11, 2018

Petra Kvitova

Madrid, Spain

P. KVITOVA/Ka. Pliskova

7-5, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It didn't look like the easiest of matches. How did you experience the first set? How much do you feel you stepped it up in the second?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think that I started pretty slow kind of. I was little bit tight I think. I did have some easy mistakes in the first game. Obviously when you're playing Karolina and you lose your service, it's pretty tough afterwards.

But I stayed calm actually. I had to fight for my games on the serve. But then the chance to break her came. Yeah, it was really up and down. I think we both were a little bit nervous. It showed on the tennis today.

But yeah, after the first set, I think I felt a little bit more relaxed. I was feeling little bit better on the shots, on the rallies, which was nice finally. Yeah, so I think it was up and down. It's just a women's tennis match (smiling).

Q. When Jiri came down in the first set, what did he tell you? It seemed after that the tactics changed. Seemed you were more patient in the rally, keeping the ball in the middle of the court.
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, obviously it was kind of the talk from Jiri. Probably from the beginning I wanted, like, too much from myself, even I didn't have to. I was able to play some rallies with her, and didn't have to miss. So that's what he, like, said to me: that I don't need to panic, I should just play cross-court, whatever, to the middle when she didn't have the angle to put her shots.

So that helped me, yeah. I think that I was able to play those rallies. I'm happy that I was able to return, as well. When we played, it was always, like, 50/50. It was a good one from him (smiling).

Q. Your third final in Madrid. Is it the clay or is it your serve, the altitude?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think everything what you said actually. Obviously the altitude is helping me, for sure. The balls are a little bit flying more. But on other hand, I think I'm feeling good on the clay. I had a great matches so far on the clay. I'm pretty satisfied with the movement, as well.

Well, I will never be probably the biggest slider on the court. On the other hand, I still think I can catch a lot of balls and put it through the court. I'm not really trying to play, like, clay tactics, but it's still working pretty well. Obviously my serve is helping in the important points, which is the mental side of it, as well.

Q. You now have a 27-1 win record against players from the Czech Republic. Do you feel extra motivation when you play players from your own country?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, it was a great streak until the Charleston, but I'm happy to be back on (smiling). No, I'm just kidding.

I think every match which I'm playing against a Czech girl, it's always pretty difficult for both of us. With the Czech girls, we know each other very well. Doesn't matter who is it from the Czech. We play many Fed Cups already. We practicing together in Prague sometimes. It's always like that.

I don't know. Just probably the motivation little bit extra which I have. On the other hand, I think they have it, as well. It always depends on the few points which is going on one side or the other one. So far I'm pretty lucky that the points are on my side.

Q. You hit some pretty crazy winners today.

Q. Are those the points when you notice that things are going pretty well? Or is it just the general ball striking when you know you're good?
PETRA KVITOVA: To be honest, I think the first when she hit a smash and I was just guessing the side, I think it was just the purpose. It just was there. The backhand down the line was a great shot I think after great rally. That was probably the best because it was pretty great effort. It was on the game point, which was tough game for me.

Yeah, in the second set, I felt little bit better already after the first one. Sometimes when I'm in the zone, it's happen like this. So yeah, good.

Q. Next up is Kiki Bertens. We know how well she plays on clay, what she can do. What do you anticipate? You played on grass, little bit different.
PETRA KVITOVA: It's little bit different. On the other hand, here it's flying as well. Obviously she won the Charleston. She's playing great tennis. She has a big serve, hitting the balls pretty fast, aggressive, same as me.

I don't know actually what I going to try. I going to probably try to play the same as I always try. It's going to be about the serve and wait something in the rallies. I think she's playing in a good form obviously. Yeah, it's nice to see her in the final actually.

Q. Nobody has won three Madrid titles on the women's side. What would winning the title mean to you?
PETRA KVITOVA: I don't like these questions that much (smiling).

It's pretty close, but on other hand it's pretty far. I'm still down-to-earth, trying to be patient, be relaxed before. But obviously I love to play finals. That's why I'm playing tennis, for the titles.

I know it will be tough one tomorrow. I'm not thinking about a third title here yet. We can chat tomorrow if anything happens.

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