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May 11, 2018

Caroline Garcia

Madrid, Spain

K. BERTENS/C. Garcia

6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was the game plan today?
CAROLINE GARCIA: I mean, like always: to be aggressive and be more focused on her backhand.

But, you know, yeah, I mean, she play very well. She use the high ball very well. I couldn't do anything today about it. I tried different things, but it didn't work.

Of course, I'm frustrated. My performance today, it's not great. But yeah, I mean, she had a game plan, and it worked well.

Q. In terms of the frustration, is it frustration with execution, with tactics? What is the primary source of that at the moment?
CAROLINE GARCIA: A bit of everything for now. Well, yeah, like I say, I had my game plan, but it was not working at the beginning. I tried different things, but it was pretty much close to always the same thing.

Yeah, she was feeling the ball well. She was taking care of the high ball very well. Sometimes I had the feeling, when I had the opportunity, I was a bit better in the rally. But she was just playing this high ball. I was lost like I was years ago in junior, yup.

Q. Obviously you're very disappointed now. But it's been a good week overall. Can you take any positives at this point? Or are you right now, I want to go to Rome and eat pasta?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Maybe in two days. But right now it's like if I lost first round. For now I don't see a lot of positive. I'm just really disappointing about my performance today. You know, like for now it's difficult, yeah.

Q. Is she the opponent that doesn't just give you trouble in terms of how you execute, in terms of your game, but because she gets so many balls back, it gets tricky? Almost like a mind game?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Yeah, yeah, it was. And she was always bringing one more ball. When she was bringing it, it was not, like, an easy ball I could finish. Sometimes I had some easy ball, but I missed it. But sometimes, yeah, like I said, I was feeling I was a little bit better in the rally, but she was playing this very long ball, very deep. I was losing all the advantage I had.

I mean, we know she's playing her best on clay courts. She's moving very well on this surface. Yeah, today she play a perfect match, giving me nothing. When I had some opportunity, maybe at 15-30 or 30-All, she was a little bit more aggressive, finding some good spots.

Of course, it's frustrating for me. But, yeah, she play her match, she had her style, she keep with her style, and it working well against me.

Q. I remember you winning on grass in Mallorca.

Q. Now you have to support the pressure in a few weeks in Paris. But your character is happy. You can do it in France and try or whatever?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Oh, I'm going to try, for sure. If I can do it, I don't know. But I will try my best.

It's a Grand Slam, so everything is possible. Everyone is very motivated. I will try my best, be focused on first round, and see how far I can go.

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