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May 11, 2018

Charl Schwartzel

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Summarize your round.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: It was good. There was nothing really that stood out that I need to go work on. This golf course identifies your faults really quickly, so the last two days it's just been really solid, driving the ball well. Iron play is good, and also putting, hitting a lot of good putts.

Q. Did the course play the same today as it did yesterday?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Well I think it's easier in the morning. Yesterday afternoon on the back nine, our back nine, which was the front nine of the course, it was hard. It was a really tough nine. Course was firm, couldn't even find pitch marks on the greens. This morning making big pitch marks. So it was definitely more scorable in the morning.

Q. Do you have a number in mind that you think it's going to take -- a lot of times over the weekend here good numbers first two days don't necessarily translate?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, the course is just going to get harder. The weather report looked like it's not going to rain tomorrow and probably not Sunday either. If that's the case, then this golf course over the weekend will turn into a beast.

Q. Talk about the tip Louis gave you last week. Is that still in your mind about slowing down a little bit I think he told us at Quail?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, for sure. It's always been my fault on from the time I started playing the game, so if I can keep the right tempo going, I'm going to keep hitting good shots.

Q. How would you assess sort of last three or four weeks, because something's kind of clicked for you? Is it just a tempo thing or what was it that clicked for you?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: I think that's what sort of brought it out to the golf course, but it's been good. I felt it being good for probably the last two months but been having terrible results. The one key factor has been to bring the same tempo out to the golf course as I do when I'm playing practice rounds, because I've been -- I worked really hard in the off season on my swing and I'm very happy with where it is. It's in really good positions, and so the hard part has been done, I just need to control my tempo and things like that which makes the game easier than trying to think of positions.

Q. Does it make it easier when you're watching Louis hit shots all day?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, look, he's got great rhythm. The guy that I always used to look at was Ernie. Ernie sort of used to be my guy that I feed off him, so every now and again I would still look at some videos on YouTube or something.

Q. How would you assess your career after since winning the Masters? I would assume that was your high point.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, I would think so. Yeah.

Q. How would you assess since then?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Well, I've had some -- quite a few wins after that, but my last two years, maybe even two and a half years, have been pretty frustrating. But that's attributed to bad positions in the golf swing, and that's made the game very difficult for me. I employed a coach pretty much for the first time in my life. My dad used to always look after me, and it's just -- I just didn't see him enough so I employed a coach in November, and it's really worked out well so far.

Q. Who?

Q. What are some of the things that he's worked with you on to simplify it?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: My plane of my golf swing. I was getting the club way behind, long and across the line, and it was just very difficult to redirect it on line. So we have basically taken it back to where it was in 2011, 2010, when I was playing well. So it's pretty much where it was, so it's not a new golf swing, it's just got lost along the way somewhere.

Q. Of anybody's game, what's the most important element to play this golf course well?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: You got to keep the ball in play. There's a few key holes that you have to birdie, and then there's some holes like 18 where if you make par or even bogey, it's okay. You need to avoid big numbers, and you do that by playing the way that you feel comfortable. You got to hit shots, not necessarily where everyone hits driver. If you feel like hitting 2-iron, it's fine. You got to hit the ball and keep it in play most of the day.

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