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May 11, 2018

Jason Day

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Bogey-free today. Just give us an assessment of your day.
JASON DAY: It was nice. Pretty warm out there today, and I think it's about 90 degrees or so and the ball's flying nice. Wind's starting to pick up, too, so that should make it a little bit tougher for the guys in the afternoon, but it was nice to be able to get out there and shoot 67, five birdies, no bogeys, and get in the clubhouse at 8-under. I think I started tidying up a few of the areas that I had last Sunday, and I think the swing is coming along. I just need to kind of focus on the good progress that I made thus far and then try and take it into the weekend.

Q. Does yesterday feel like a little bit of fatigue from last week? Do you not feel as good as you did at Quail?
JASON DAY: Well, yesterday it was tough. It was more mentally draining for me yesterday and trying to get through. That's why I was saying yesterday I chugged a Sprite on 10 because I didn't have a swing. I was just in there trying to get some sugar, some caffeine or something to kind of lift me up a little bit. After that I got off to a good start on the back side. So getting some good rest last night and coming out this morning trying to beat this heat and set myself up for a good weekend.

Q. Did you have a lucky Sprite then today?
JASON DAY: No, no, no. I didn't have any Sprite today.

Q. Where are you at like right now compared to last week?
JASON DAY: I think I'm hitting it better, which is nice. The short game is nice. It's good, but this is different grass. When you're chipping off this grass, it's a little inconsistent compared to what we had last week with the overseed. It's easier to chip off that stuff last week than what we have here, but for the most part I think if I can just kind of keep the driver on the straight and narrow, give myself the opportunities, I feel like my irons are coming along nicely, not sure how many greens I hit today but when I was out of position I got myself back into it.

Q. How much does winning here previously help you going into this weekend?
JASON DAY: Yeah, I think it's always good to come back and know that you've won on a golf course like this because it is tough, and obviously the weekend changes, the speed of the rounds happened very quickly. You're cruising around in four hours instead of five hours, so the twos go very quickly, so you don't have a lot of time to think, so it's nice to be able to come to a golf course where you've already won here. And then obviously coming off last week's win gives you a lot of confidence going forward knowing that you can close even though you don't have your best stuff.

Q. You've showed a knack over the years for sort of stepping on the gas after you won, maybe more so than some other players. How do you explain that?
JASON DAY: Coming off some confidence, I guess. I think when you win, you get a little bit more motivated to do more practice and hungry to win a lot more, so I think it's a little bit of two things, I think it's coming off good form and wanting it more and just trying to keep pushing until -- because it goes like this; it's up-and-down. I think if I can keep pushing but be smart about it, I feel like can I win in bunches.

Q. Do you want it more now after a win, or did you want it more say during that year-long stretch when you didn't win?
JASON DAY: No, no, no. That year-long stretch that I didn't win, my head was kind of elsewhere. But now I'm very motivated. I think I'm more motivated about winning and trying to get back to the top and that's -- when I have a goal of trying to reach the top of the mountain, that usually motivates me to do everything I can to win tournaments. Right now I'm in good form, I've just got to keep kind of pushing along.

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