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May 11, 2018

Henrik Stenson

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Talk about the way you fought back after 11.
HENRIK STENSON: I only made 8. (Laughter.) Yeah, I was looking for a cannon to shoot me back to Orlando. Couldn't find one, so I thought I'd better stay and hang around. Yeah, it was nice to make birdie obviously on 12 and 14. That kind of made some of the steam disappear. And then another birdie on 16. I hit two good shots in there and close call for eagle, and at least by then we were somewhat back in the ballgame.

So no. Good remarks for fighting, and I had one or two chances coming in, as well, so yeah, potentially could have been a shot better, but it was one or two good saves, as well. So all in all, I don't think I deserved much better than I played.

Q. (No Microphone.)
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, or you're 5-under and you finish with one. I don't know, what is the most fun? It's never fun.

Q. The third shot at 11, did you miss it by that much or what were you trying to do there?

Q. Hit it that bad?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it was a lot of things before, I would say, on where to try and land it and how to try to land it there, and there was some discussions that obviously didn't work out the way I wanted them to work out, and then the execution that followed was kind of partly a result of that. I'm always the one holding the club, but it was a bit unclear or un-clarity on what we were trying to do, I think. Uncommitted swings and uncommitted shots can sometimes be a bit poor.

Q. Were you between clubs at all?
HENRIK STENSON: I was between a lot of things, but we'll leave that discussion now. I think the end result was 8. I was a big part of that, and we came back and finished decent. So, yeah, looking forward -- we're going to be a long ways behind, I guess. A little surprised that we're playing a golf course this soft and the greens not a little bit quicker, as well, so I think that's why the scores are so good. We know it can change quite a lot over the weekend, so some wind and no water, I guess it will be a different golf course come Sunday, but as of now it's been very scorable.

Q. (No Microphone.)
HENRIK STENSON: Oh, yeah. He's made some magician-like up-and-downs throughout these first couple days. Obviously full of confidence coming in from the win last week. Hit some beautiful tee shots and he's hit some poor iron shots here and there, but then backed it up with some amazing recovery shots, and his putting has been spotless. He's been rolling it really, really well. I don't know what the stats say. I was actually curious to see that myself, how much he's gained on his short game and putting this week.

Q. Have you ever tried this aim point?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, a little bit. A little bit.

Q. Do you like it?
HENRIK STENSON: Well, obviously I'm not doing it, so it's not the way that I read greens, but there's a lot of players doing it and the other ones that feel it's beneficial and they keep on doing it. I think it's, it kind of depends on if you want to be someone who calculates what you're doing completely or if you want to be down more to feel and/or somewhat in between, so everyone kind of finds their own way of doing things.

Q. Is it just you don't want to be holding your fingers up like this?
HENRIK STENSON: No, when you got too much break, I only got five fingers, so that's no fun. That's a big problem.

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