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May 11, 2018

Danny Lee

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Strong finish there the last four holes. 4-under in your last four. What got into you there at the end of the round?
DANNY LEE: I don't know really, probably double on 11 kind of fired me up and started making birdies, I guess. I was hitting it really good all day today, just wasn't able to make a lot of birdies on the front nine and it seems like on the back nine something clicked, obviously, and started making a lot of putts and hitting a lot of good shots out there. The eagle on 16 and birdie on 18 to finish is very strong finish for me and I'm really happy with my results.

Q. You didn't have a bad first round, do you feel like your game's just all coming together right now?
DANNY LEE: Yeah, my new swing coach and my short game coach, George Gankas and Jeff Pierce, we have been working a lot on my game. The long game side, I always have been trying to hit one stock shot out there and it's really hard to score it that way, especially out here on this course, you got to be able to hit a lot of different shots, fades, draws off the tee, and even from middle of the fairway it looks like a straightforward shot, but you got to actually be able to make a little fade shot or draw shot out there. It seems like that's working great for me at the moment and everything's going smoothly at the moment.

Q. How tough did the course play for you?
DANNY LEE: 6-under, I shouldn't be saying tough, but if your game's not on point, it's definitely you can make some big numbers out there. First you got to hit a lot of fairways out here, things I was doing different this year is probably I'm hitting a lot more drivers and 3-woods off the tee instead of hitting 4-irons and 3-hybrids here. Last year I did that and I think I probably shot like 9-over on the first round. So I decided to play a little bit aggressive this year and it's working great.

Q. How do you carry that aggressive play and the nice finish into tomorrow and the rest of the weekend?
DANNY LEE: Today the greens weren't as firm as I was expecting, probably tomorrow I have a feeling they're going to make it a little bit tougher, a little bit firmer, a little bit faster, pin placements are going to be tucked against the water and bunkers out there, I think. So nothing's really going to change my game plan, I'm going to hit a lot of good shots out there and a lot of good smart iron plays and hopefully a lot of my putts will drop from the 20 foot range.

Q. Do you have to adjust to be more aggressive if Webb keeps that big lead?
DANNY LEE: No, it doesn't change my game plan. I'm going to just stick to what I have. I think what I have is already pretty aggressive for me right now. So I'm going to just stick with what I have.

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