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May 11, 2018

Charles Howell III

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. The back nine there's some birdies to be had. I know that was your front nine, but --
CHARLES HOWELL, III: Yeah, I was a bit surprised that the greens still had some moisture in them this afternoon, and I played early yesterday so obviously that's going to be quite soft then, but for a Friday afternoon it was a little bit on the softer side, but I'm quite sure that's going to change by tomorrow afternoon, so no need to talk about that.

Q. You've seen it before here where Friday would maybe play a little bit on the easier side and then seems like Saturday the hole locations and the course come out with some teeth?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: Yeah, I think we're going to see a lot more brown than green tomorrow afternoon. I would feel pretty confident of that.

Q. How do you juggle the fact that you've got to chase a guy with a big lead and that it's going to get really tough here?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: I haven't had the greatest results around this place ever, and so I'm worried a lot about me and trying to get me around this golf course and do a lot better job than I've done here in the past. So but there's a disaster every corner on this golf course, and as soon as you think you're comfortable and doing well, something like that happens. So I don't think any lead is safe or comfortable around here, but I've got my own issues to deal with and my on stuff, and I would say of the guys up near the top, the guys that drive the ball the best are going to have the best weekend because this golf course is really, really difficult to recover on.

Q. What's kind of plagued you here in the past like you said and then what's changed for you these past two days?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: Everything's plagued me in the past. The last couple days I've driven the ball a lot better around here and to take advantage of some of the holes and when I've gotten out of position I've been a bit more patient, played a bit smarter than I have in the past and I'll continue that on the weekend, but it's, man, the scores are up there, there's a lot of low numbers up there.

Q. (No Microphone.)
CHARLES HOWELL, III: A big one. I don't think I'll ever see that again with me around here. Playing a bogey-free round on this golf course, you got to make some putts and I did for par. You can't expect to make those every day, but I'll enjoy this one and it probably will be my last one, but I'll enjoy it.

Q. What do you think about the idea that somebody came this close to actually shooting a 61 today?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: I've never seen that on this golf course. No, I wouldn't even see it in July with a none tournament conditions, I just think it's too difficult. Yeah, what a round of golf he played. Holy cow, yeah, never would have seen that.

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