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May 11, 2018

Charles Howell III

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Bogey-free 67, that was a good day, I followed it all and I thought you hit it really good?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: The greens are still a little softer than I expected them to be for the afternoon which I'm quite sure tomorrow afternoon that will change and they will get brown. But playing yesterday morning it was surprisingly soft and then still today they held some moisture in there.

Q. Twice you hit a wayward tee shot kind of punched out and then got up-and-down, which I thought was really well done and of course you played this course many times you know you have to do that sometimes.
CHARLES HOWELL, III: Yeah, it's chances where I got out of position and I could have played aggressively toward the green but didn't. I laid back to like a wedge in the fairway and I think in times pass I've gotten a bit over aggressive here, if I've gotten out of position off the tee, and just trying to be patient, those two times it worked out. It always won't, but those two times it did.

Q. You're going along you look at the board and you see what Webb's doing. What were you thinking?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: We were on the front nine, and there's not a lot of boards there so I didn't see it until the end. I saw that he was 17-under before he played the 17th, but what a round of golf. I've never seen that score out here. With my results around here, that's quite impressive.

Q. Let's talk about you. You had a really good year, three top-10, you're playing solid, what are your chances coming into this weekend?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: I think on this golf course if you drive the ball in play you can really attack it. So if I'm able to do that, then I'll have a nice weekend and I've been a bit more patient around here than in years past, so we'll see, but if you hit the shots and execute them you can play any golf course and this one's no different.

Q. You were off to a torrid start, started on 10, went three straight birdies, off to a great start, feeling good?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: Yeah, never really had great results around here and to get a couple birdies early it was nice to kind of calm me down a bit and the golf course still had some moisture in it, it's as soft as I've ever seen on a Friday afternoon so I'm quite sure that will change tomorrow.

Q. Did you think that there was a 63 out there when you were playing today?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: No, I did not. Especially he made a double, right? So, no, I never have seen that around here ever. What a round of golf that is. I think by tomorrow I think we're going to see a lot of brown greens and some bogeys out there.

Q. What are you going to do to prepare for tomorrow?
CHARLES HOWELL, III: Pray. No, with my results around here -- no, you just got to get the ball in the fairway here and if you do that you can play the golf course. It's really, really hard to recover out here, so the guy that drives it the best on the weekend will be at the top and I think he'll do quite well.

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