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May 11, 2018

Justin Rose

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Even par round, tough to score?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think the group in front of us stole it all. Webb obviously was on an incredible round. The most entertaining golf in our group was watching Webb's score. I got a couple over early, then just not was struggling to find birdies on the par-4s. Managed to birdie 9 and 11 to get back to even on the day and hopefully I could maybe get it to 6- or 7- coming in and that without me in a decent spot for the weekend but wasn't able to find anything on the back nine. This course, it's one of those types of courses, if you just are not a hundred percent on point it's tough to find the birdies.

Q. How surprising is that Webb put together that kind of round?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's a miracle round. To be 11-under par it's a shame he doesn't finish it off. He ties the course record or -- I'm not sure. It would have been amazing to see him post a course record today. But 17 is a hard hole to get through I'm sure he was nervous playing that hole, we're all nervous playing that hole, but an 11-under par round, that green I'm sure looks even smaller. But he's got a local man on the bag, Paul Tesori, so it's cool to see those guys play well. But he's stretched out pretty far in front of us and I might need something similar, one of the last two days.

Q. Everyone expecting tougher conditions on the weekend do you think there's opportunity there?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I hadn't seen the forecast but that is good news, if I can go out and shoot something like 66, 65 in tougher conditions maybe I'll be playing an hour or two, well two or three or four hours ahead of the leaders, that might do some damage and give me a chance on Sunday.

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