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May 10, 2018

Lucas Glover

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. In retrospect, do you consider this course one that you should have success on? Do you feel like it suits you?
LUCAS GLOVER: My cut-to-top-6 ratio is pretty good.

Q. But in retrospect, are you surprised that you maybe haven't played that well?
LUCAS GLOVER: I don't know the answer to that. I think I've done a better job of not figuring it out. You never figure it out. But I've done a better job of being less aggressive when I need to and more aggressive when I need to around here. Used to be just too aggressive, and it didn't work. It's more of let's just get it in the fairway, even if you have to lay way back. Sometimes you've got to hit it in the middle of the green, and I've done a good job of that the times I've played well here. It took me a few years to learn that you didn't have to overpower it. Not that I can overpower it anymore. But I'm never going to say I should win anywhere, but play well here and get it going, play the par-5s good, you can shoot some good scores.

Q. Rory talked about coming to terms with the golf course, that it took him a few years. Did it take you a little while to wrap your mind around what it takes to play well on this golf course?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, that's a good way to put it, absolutely. You've got to accept sometimes a good shot is going to get a bad bounce and go in a bad spot, and then sometimes you've got to be happy when you hit a bad shot and it gets a good bounce and goes in a good spot. And maturity doesn't allow you to do the first of those. I had another one today on 14, hit it right down the middle of the fairway, kicks left, goes in the bunker, and I've got no shot. Okay, got it. I guess that's why that big ridge is there, so my fault for not hitting it down the right. But you go down there, and I hit it here, so here we are. But it was literally down the middle of the fairway. But that's what happens.

Q. If that happened five years ago, what do you think your reaction would be?
LUCAS GLOVER: I'd have jumped in the canal behind the bunker and screamed at Pete Dye probably.

Q. Are there any circumstances under which you'd go for 12 with driver?
LUCAS GLOVER: It would be need to get something going on Sunday. A couple back and I've got some momentum or driving it good or hitting my 3-wood good first 11 holes, and all right, hitting it nice, and down off the right for a draw. I just feel like they're giving you a fairway and giving you a 90-yard wedge. You hit two average shots, you've got 12 feet, you know? You hit two good shots, you've got five feet. I have yet to figure out what they did to change it, but I played a foursome yesterday morning, everybody laid up, and we all laid up today. We didn't hit very good wedge shots. Chad did, but everybody had a 15-footer or better. You miss the green, you might not get that.

Q. What do you think about the numbers that are out there? Do you think that good scores are just going to keep coming?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yes. Wind is down, greens are fairly soft for here, which is a shock, because they were bouncing out pretty good Tuesday. You know, we were -- 6-, 7-, 8-irons were holding pretty good today. After seeing that the first three or four holes, you kind of knew there was going to be low scores, and I think the wind might kick up a touch this afternoon, but it's not going to be what we're used to here. It's not going to be over 10 I don't think. That will be tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Q. How does that change your approach?
LUCAS GLOVER: Not a lot. You know, you still got your holes where you've got to be aggressive and where you can't. Take a look at the hole location sheet and say, not really a go for here, go for this one if you can get it in the fairway. But with the greens being a little softer, you can be a little more aggressive in certain spots.

Q. Are the greens a little harder to -- on 18 were you thinking it would roll a little closer to the hole?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I missed my spot there a little. I was trying to get it a touch left, and then it has to go down there, and I think it got up in the fringe and then kind of stopped. I missed my spot by a couple steps. But I wasn't too unhappy with where it ended up. Unhappy with my read, but wasn't unhappy with where I hit my shot.

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