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May 10, 2018

Tommy Fleetwood

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Nice finish to your round today.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, stayed patient, really, it was really frustrating and I was like stupid shots given away on 15 or 2 not making birdie. 3, I got a putt that lips out. So it was kind of -- and then 5 gave the shot straight back. So it was a little bit frustrating for the most part, but I could do with keeping going really right now.

Q. Does this place suit you, do you think?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I generally try and make sure most places suit me, but I do, I love the golf course. It's one of my favorites. Whether I do well or not, it's still one of my favorite courses, but it's -- you've just got to -- yeah, you got to be smart. You got to hit it well, as well. Today, this morning, for what, 15, 16 holes, it was as easy as that course is ever going to play. It was so soft and there was no wind at all. So it's kind of, it's not like be-all-end-all if you shoot a good score or not, but it was kind of important to do it.

Q. (No Microphone.)
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I hit like a 5-wood that was -- actually I hit the shot in practice because it was similar wind and I had to just like hit a bit of a cut. Then I had a 35-, 40-foot putt really, which is always nice. But it's playing tough today. I remember last year it was downwind and you were hitting like a 5-iron. So as long as you hit it somewhere straight, it was fine, but today it was a 5-wood with a bit of a cut. It was a tough shot.

Q. (No Microphone.)
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It's a very good question. I am under par, yeah. I still think that if you beat the course around here, it doesn't matter how easy it's playing. There's going to be low scores today but you still got to keep it realistic. You're playing one of the toughest tests in golf, so I did, when things were kind of on the edge a little bit when I was sort of birdieing and bogeying, if I could have beat the course I would have felt all right. So 3-under is a bit of a bonus.

But yeah, you've always got to keep it realistic that it is one of the toughest tests you're going to get.

Q. (No Microphone.)
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It was a good order. We enjoyed it. It's nice being out with people you are comfortable with and that you have a chat on the way around and you both played -- we all played pretty solid. It was a lovely morning, really, as mornings go.

Q. (No Microphone.)
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: No, I don't think so. I don't think so. Maybe if it was a three-ball come Sunday like it might be. But today first day you just are trying to put yourself in the tournament, really. Kind of that, that scenario we have, it's not -- I mean, it is competitive but we want each other to do well. It's a good sort of friendship, really.

Q. Justin's got a chance to get to world No. 1 this week. Can you talk about his consistency and his --
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: That would be great, wouldn't it. It would be nice for him to sort of put that on his career because he has got such a great one, so I think that if he could top it off with a world No. 1, as well, I think it would be very special for him, and he is -- he's somebody that, he's somebody that I've looked up to in the way -- I mean still I want to beat him, but in the way and how professional he is and the work ethic he has and everything he does. He's a good person, he's a good role model. Especially for young pros coming up or kids that are trying to improve, I think Justin is about as good a role model as you can get.

Q. The striking thing about his game is? The one most striking thing?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Well he's such a great ball-striker, but I do think his short game -- I don't know whether it does go unnoticed -- but it doesn't by me. He's got one of the best short games in world golf, and he makes some shots look very, very easy. So, yeah, I mean his ball striking's always going to stand out to people, but for me I look at his short game as one of the best.

Q. Like that chip on the 7th?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, that was a joke. It's just, nobody thinks anything of it, it's a five-foot, knocks it in. It was unbelievable.

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